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Praise for
Tyler James Smith’s

Moses’s journey is...entertaining with the snarky footnotes and internal monologues that accompany readers from page one. The author has created characters devoid of the saccharine happily ever after and they feel real. Perfect for mature high school students who love John Green and Jesse Andrews.” —School Library Journal

https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/51agI0rQP3L.jpgUnstoppable Moses
Young Adult
Agent: Molly Ker Hawn
Flatiron Books/Macmillan, Fall 2018. World English.
Manuscript available.

A Notable Title in the Publishers Lunch Fall/Winter Buzz Books

A coming-of-age story of tragedy and redemption for fans of Stephen Chbosky and Jesse Andrews.

After accidentally burning down a bowling alley, seventeen-year-old Moses Hill has one week as a camp counselor to prove to the authorities—and to himself—that he isn't a worthless shithead who belongs in jail.

Moses and his cousin Charlie were best friends, wisecracking pranksters, unstoppable forces of teenage energy—until the night they became accidental arsonists and set in motion a chain of events that left Moses alone, guilt-stricken, and most likely trapped in his dead-end town. 

Then Moses gets a lucky break: the chance to prove that the incident should be expunged from his record. But tragedy seems to follow him wherever he goes, and this time, it might just stop him in his tracks.

UNSTOPPABLE MOSES is radiant; one of those rare debut novels that shines with humor, love, compassion, and hope, with a cast of unforgettable characters that jump off the pages and into your heart. Tyler James Smith is a masterful storyteller.”
—Andrew Smith, Michael L. Printz Honor and Boston Globe-Horn Book Award author of Grasshopper Jungle

“When people say reading makes us more empathetic, they are talking about books like UNSTOPPABLE MOSES. A lyrical, hilarious, so-real-it-hurts debut that reminds us all just how much we have to lose, and why it’s important to never give up. I’m so happy this book is in the world.” —Bonnie-Sue Hitchcock, Carnegie Medal-shortlisted author of The Smell of Other People’s Houses

About the Author:
Tyler James Smith is a 27-year-old aide in a therapeutic school for troubled children. He holds a BA in creative writing and lives in Chicago.