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Jennifer Haupt: IN THE SHADOW OF 10000 HILLS

1990'larda Ruanda'da gerçekleşen soykırımı konu etmekte!

Bu ebedi roman, tarif edilemez eylemlerden sonra bile affedilmenin nasıl mümkün olduğunu ortaya koyuyor.
1990'larda gerçekleşen Ruanda soykırımından sonra, savaşın her iki yanında savaşanlar—ve onlara yardım için gelip-oradan dönemeyen yabancılar—her birinin kendi çapında bir çeşit Kurtuluş arayışı konu ediliyor.

Hayata küskün dört kişi kendi trajedilerinden kurtulup, kırsal kesimdeki bir yetimhanede bir araya gelirler Yaşanan vahşet,bu olaylardan bazıları bu insanları birbirine bağlar ve nihayetinde onlara bağışlama ve umut getirir.

Georges Borchardt Agency'den

 Oprah’ın Amerikadaki Memorial Day günü okumaları için seçtiği dört kitaptan , ikisinin temsilcisi bulunduğum Georges Borchardt Agency listelerinden olduğunu sizlere bildirmekten memnunum. Bu  kitaplarımızın isimlerini sizlerle  paylaşmaktan büyük heyecan duyuyoruz:

Charles Johnson’danNIGHT HAWKS ve Jennifer Haupt’dan IN THE SHADOW OF 10,000 HILLS!

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Entertainment Weekly highlighted Maurene Goo and THE WAY YOU MAKE ME FEEL in the online piece, "Why the new wave of East Asian authors is targeting YA". See the full piece here.

Young Adult Reviews:

PERIOD: Twelve Voices Tell the Bloody Truth
Edited by Kate Farrell; Feiwel and Friends; 224 pages

 ​​"The essays are unified in their focus on a topic that crosses social, economic, and cultural boundaries, but the contributors also broaden the content by integrating their own singular perspectives. " –Publishers Weekly, starred review    

Maurene Goo; 
Farrar Straus Giroux368 pages; May 2018

 ​​"Sweet, sexy, hilarious, and featuring a spectacular father-daughter relationship, this book will fly off the shelves." –School Library Journal, starred review   

Young Adult Sales:
THE GIRL I USED TO BE by April Henry/Chinese Simplified rights sold to Macmillan Century
BECAUSE I WAS A GIRL by Melissa de la Cruz/Chinese Simplified rights sold to Macmillan Century
I LOVE YOU, MICHAEL COLLINS by Lauren Baratz-Logsted/Chinese Simplified rights sold to Macmillan Century
GAP LIFE by John Coy/Chinese Simplified rights sold to Macmillan Century
GOOGLE IT! by Anna Crowley Redding/Russian rights sold to AST Publishers
THE KINGDOM by Jess Rothenberg/Russian rights sold to AST Publishers
SWEET BLACK WAVES by Kristina Perez/Russian rights sold to AST Publishers
THE BEAUTY OF THE MOMENT by Tanaz Bhathena/English non-US rights sold to Penguin Random House India PVT LTD


Jocko Willink appeared on Fox and Friends this morning to discuss MARC'S MISSION: WAY OF THE WARRIOR KID (A NOVEL). You can view the segment HERE. Fox & Friends averages 1.6 million viewers per episode.

Middle Grade/Chapter Book Sales:

WRITING RADAR by Jack Gantos/Chinese Simplified rights sold to Macmillan Century

WAY OF THE WARRIOR KID by Jocko Willink/Lithuanian rights sold to Alma Littera

WINTERHOUSE by Ben Guterson/Czech rights sold to Albatros Media

THE BOOK SCAVENGER by Jennifer Chambliss Bertamn/Hungarian rights sold to Pozsonyi Pagony Kft.

THE UNBREAKABLE CODE by Jennifer Chambliss Bertman/Romanian rights sold to Polirom Editura

THE ALCATRAZ ESCAPE by Jennifer Chambliss Bertman/Romanian rights sold to Polirom Editura

A glowing review of BE PREPARED by Vera Brosgol ran in the April 15 issue of the New York Times (in print and online). A scan of the review is attached to this message!

Additionally, BE PREPARED by Vera Brosgol was selected as an Editors' Pick for the April 22 issue of the New York Times. A scan of the Editors' Pick list is also attached to this message! 

The Hollywood Reporter (UVM: 23,920,961) exclusively revealed the book trailer for BE PREPARED by Vera Brosgol: "BE PREPARED Graphic Novel Trailer Captures the Feeling of Summer"

Additionally, our wonderful website for BE PREPAREDwww.readbeprepared.com is now live!

The Hollywood Reporter (UVM: 23,920,961) exclusively revealed the book trailer for ALL SUMMER LONG by Hope Larson: "ALL SUMMER LONG Trailer Brings Coming-of-Age Graphic Novel to Life"

Additionally, our wonderful website for ALL SUMMER LONGwww.allsummerlongbook.com is now live!

First Second's graphic novels Spinning and The Dam Keeper have been nominated for Eisner Awards this year. 

Spinning has been nominated in two categories; Best Young Adult and Best Reality-Based Work.

The Dam Keeper has been nominated for Best Young Adult. 

The Eisner Awards are the most prestigious awards in the comics industry. 

Link: https://www.comic-con.org/awards/2018-eisner-awards-nominations

Winners will be announced at San Diego Comic-Con in July. 

Graphic Novel Reviews:

SCIENCE COMICS: SHARKSNature's Perfect Hunter
Joe Flood; First Second; 128 pages; April 2018 

 ​​"Flood addresses the lore and fear that surrounds these predators, most of it coming from literature and the media. Detailed illustrations complement the text beautifully, with close-ups of the various features of different sharks as well as useful diagrams and charts." –School Library Journal, starred review 

Vera Brosgol; First Second; 256 pages; April 2018

 ​​"Perfect for fans of Shannon Hale’s Real Friends (2017), this will easily lodge a place in readers’ hearts, even as it has them rolling in the aisles. " –Booklist, starred review  

 ​​"The dialogue rings true, the pace is seamless, and the panel artwork, in woodsy browns and greens, conveys feelings with clean, assured lines. By turns sardonic, adorable, and noble, Vera is a beguiling hero who learns how to recognize who's really on her side." –Publishers Weekly, starred review   

 ​​"The story, both culturally specific and universal, is a welcome addition to the growing canon of comics tales by talented women cartoonists based on their own lives." –Horn Book, starred review   

 ​​" A gorgeous, emotional memoir worthy of any graphic novel collection." –School Library Journal, starred review   

ONE DAY A DOT: The Story of You, the Universe, and Everything (SECOND STARRED REVIEW) 
Ian Lendler; illustrated by Shelli Paroline and Braden Lamb; First Second; 40 pages; April 2018

 ​​"It’s rare (if not unique) to see subject matter like this offered to this age group, but One Day a Dot is a gentle invitation into a much wider and deeper universe that will prove wonderfully satisfying even as it sparks an infinite array of questions about the nature of humanity itself." –Booklist, starred review   

Laurie Halse Anderson; 
Illustrated by Emily Carroll; 
Farrar Straus Giroux; 
384 pages

 ​​"Much remains the same narratively as Melinda moves through a world and relationships that cannot be as they were but that still offer tentative hope. The addition of smartphones and social media provide some modern window dressing, and the juxtaposition of a tumultuous first-person narration with the third person visual perspective will give even longtime devotees a new way to experience Melinda’s story." –Horn Book, starred review   

Graphic Novel Sales:

PTSD by Guillaume Singelin/French rights sold to Ankame Editions

ON A SUNBEAM by Tillie Walden/Spanish rights sold to Ediciones la Cupula

SPEAK: THE GRAPHIC NOVEL by Laurie Halse Anderson, illustrated by Emily Carroll/Spanish rights sold to Ediciones la Cupula

ALL SUMMER LONG by Hope Larson/Italian rights sold to Il Castoro

THIS WAS OUR PACT by Ryan Andrews/Italian rights sold to Il Castoro

THIS WAS OUR PACT by Ryan Andrews/Russian rights sold to Mann, Ivanov & Ferber

RETURN OF ZITA THE SPACEGIRL by Ben Hatke/Norwegian rights sold to Fontini Forlag


Jimmy Fallon appeared on Late Night with Seth Meyers to promote EVERYTHING IS MAMA for Mother's Day on Wednesday, April 25.

Pictures Book Reviews:

Maria Gianferrari; Illustrated by Brian Floca; Roaring Brook Press; 40 pages; June 2018

 ​​"  The lyrical text captures the excitement of observing red-tailed hawks’ hunting efforts in a residential setting. Floca’s stunningly accurate watercolor illustrations beautifully complement Gianferrari’s text. " –School Library Journal, starred review    

 ​​" This captivating introduction to the red-tailed hawk concludes with more than a half-dozen facts about the common bird of prey and further reading. " –Publishers Weekly, starred review     

Philip C. Stead; Roaring Brook Press; 64 pages

 ​​"The slow pace, the moments of silence, and the quiet white space in Stead’s spreads are an antidote to frenetic busyness. For Vernon, what matters most is kindness, cherishing one’s friends, and noticing what other people miss." –Publishers Weekly, starred review   

 ​​"Those able to slow their pace sufficiently to experience the compassionate Vernon and his kind-hearted friends will be amply rewarded." –Booklist, starred review    

 ​​" This heartwarming collection is perfect for one-on-one reading. Share with fans of Laura Vaccaro Seeger’s “Bear and Dog” and Arnold Lobel’s “Frog and Toad” books." –School Library Journal, starred review     

Stephanie Parsley Ledyard; Jason Chin; 
Roaring Brook Press; 
32 pages; May 2018

 ​​"The best part is the positive, inclusive representation of a loving community sharing a celebration, fun, and, of course, pie." –Publication, starred review   

 ​​"This idyllic, joyously inclusive picture book takes an ordinary concept—sharing— and makes it extraordinary." –Horn Book, starred review 

Maxwell Eaton III; Roaring Brook Press; 32 pages; February 2018

Maxwell Eaton III; 
Roaring Brook Press; 
32 pages; 
May 2018

Eaton has hit upon an effective combination of silly and informative in this new 
nonfiction picture book series, respecting his young audience’s ability to discern 
between the two. The dynamic pages, with lighthearted, crisply rendered cartoon 
illustrations, have a lot going on but are thoughtfully designed to make the books 
accessible to both new and more-independent readers.
" –Horn Book, starred review 

COUNTING ON KATHERINE: How Katherine Johnson Saved Apollo 13
Helaine Becker; illustrated by Dow Phumiruk; Henry Holt; 40 pages; June 2018

An excellent biography that will inspire young readers, especially girls, to do what they love." –Kirkus, starred review 

100 BUGS! : A Counting Book
Kate Narita; Illustrated by Suzanne Kaufman; Farrar, Straus and Giroux; 40 pages; June 2018 

Packed with great extension possibilities, visually engaging illustrations, and quick rhymes, this read-aloud would be a great addition to any STEM shelf." –Kirkus, starred review 

MIXEDA Colorful Story
Arree Chung; Henry Holt; 40 pages; July 2018 

A colorful story about celebrating difference as complementary and transformative." –Kirkus, starred review 

Eugene Yelchin; Henry Holt; 37 pages; April 2018

Kids will enjoy poring over the pictures for visual clues, interpreting the events, and imagining future adventures for this appealing duo." –School Library Journal, starred review

Julie Fogliano; Illustrated by Lane Smith; Roaring Brook; 48 pages; May 2018

 Stirring to the eye and the spirit, this evocative book repays frequent readings. Perfect for one-on-one sharing." –School Library Journal, starred review

Picture Book Sales:

MARIE CURIE by Demi/Chinese Simplified rights sold to Macmillan Century

DOGOSAURUS REX by Anna Staniszewski; illustrations by Kevin Hawkes/Chinese Simplified rights sold to Macmillan Century

A BOY, A MOUSE, AND A SPIDER--THE STORY OF E. B. WHITE by Barbara Herkert; illustrated by Lauren Castillo/Chinese Simplified rights sold to Macmillan Century
MIXED: A COLORFUL STORY by Arree Chung/Chinese Simplified rights sold to Macmillan Century

AFTER THE FALL (HOW HUMPTY DUMPTY GOT BACK UP AGAIN) by Dan Santat/Chinese Simplified rights sold to Macmillan Century

THE ONLY FISH IN THE SEA by Philip C. Stead, illustrated by Matthew Cordell/Chinese Simplified rights sold to Macmillan Century

VINCENT COMES HOME by Jessixa Bagley and Aaron Bagley/Chinese Simplified rights sold to Macmillan Century

A HOUSE THAT ONCE WAS by Julie Fogliano, illustrated by Lane Smith/Chinese Simplified rights sold to Macmillan Century

BECOMING BACH by Tom Leonard/Chinese Simplified rights sold to Macmillan Century

NOW by Antoinette Portis/Chinese Simplified rights sold to Macmillan Century

CRICKET IN THE THICKET by Carol Murray; illustrated by Melissa Sweet/Chinese Simplified rights sold to Macmillan Century

BLUE by Laura Vaccaro Seeger/Chinese Simplified rights sold to Macmillan Century

ANOTHER WAY TO CLIMB A TREE by Liz Garton Scanlon; pictures by Hadley Hooper/Chinese Simplified rights sold to Macmillan Century

SOMEONE LIKE ME by Patricia MacLachlan; illustrated by Chris Sheban/Chinese Simplified rights sold to Macmillan Century

PEEP AND EGG: I'M NOT TRICK-OR-TREATING by Laura Gehl/Chinese Simplified rights sold to Macmillan Century

PEEP AND EGG: I'M NOT TAKING A BATH by Laura Gehl/Chinese Simplified rights sold to Macmillan Century

PEEP AND EGG: I'M NOT USING THE POTTY by Laura Gehl/Chinese Simplified rights sold to Macmillan Century

THE POUT-POUT FISH AND THE BULLY-BULLY SHARK by Deborah Diesen, illustrated by Dan Hanna/Chinese Simplified rights sold to Macmillan Century

HOW TO FIND AN ELEPHANT by Kate Banks/Chinese Simplified rights sold to Macmillan Century

EVERYTHING IS MAMA by Jimmy Fallon/Chinese Simplified rights sold to Macmillan Century

STAY by Kate Klise/Chinese Simplified rights sold to Macmillan Century

DADDY DEPOT by Chana Stiefel; illustrated by Andy Snair/Chinese Simplified rights sold to Macmillan Century

THE JELLY BEAN TREE by Toni Yuly/Chinese Simplified rights sold to Macmillan Century

RUBY'S CHINESE NEW YEAR by Vickie Lee; illustrations by Joey Chou/French rights sold to Scholastic Canada

JULIA'S HOUSE FOR LOST CREATURES by Ben Hatke/Russian rights sold to Polyandria

VERNON IS ON HIS WAY by Philip C. Stead/Spanish rights sold to Oceano Mexico

BUILDING OUR HOUSE by Jonathan Bean/Korean rights sold to Gimm-Young Publishers