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WINTERFOLK by sarah McCarry

For readers who love Francesca Lia Block and Sarah McCarry, WINTERFOLK is a spellbinding literary debut that presses the boundary between reality and fantasy. 

Fifteen-year-old Rain lives on the outskirts of Seattle in a dangerous brush area known as The Jungle, among many other homeless people she calls “winterfolk.” The towering trees and woodland animals are her friends, and she finds solace in the books that another homeless youth steals for her. But when Rain happens upon a demolition notice that would force her community out of their encampment, she is convinced that it is because she and the winterfolk can’t be seen, akin to the fairy tales she reads. Rain ventures into the city to turn fiction into reality, make the winterfolk visible—real—to the rest of the world, and save the camp from being destroyed. She needs to find someone to tell their story, but her decision to leave has dangerous consequences.

Full of gritty poetry, street wisdom and just a touch of magic, WINTERFOLK belongs on the shelf alongside works by Francesca Lia Block and Sarah McCarry.” —Laura Ruby, National Book Award Finalist and Printz Award-winning author of Bone Gap

Janel Kolby’s bio:
Janel Kolby has an MFA in Creative Writing for Children & Young Adults from Hamline University, where she studied under National Book Award finalist and Printz Award winner Laura Ruby. Janel lives in Seattle. WINTERFOLK is her debut novel.

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