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Paul Gamble’​ın THE MINISTRY OF S.U.I.T.S

Paul Gamble’s

has been shortlisted for the Teach Primary
2017 New Children’s Fiction Award

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The Ministry of S.U.I.T.S
Agent: Gemma Cooper
Category: Middle-Grade
Feiwel and Friends, July 2016. North American.
UK & Commonwealth: Little Island Books
Finished books available.

For fans of Artemis Fowl and The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy.
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Something sinister is going on at twelve year old Jack’s school. The oddball kids are going missing, among them, Jack’s best friend, David. Luckily, Jack is the newest recruit to the Ministry of Strange, Unusual and Impossible Things (M-SUITS) – a top secret government organisation dedicated to keeping under wraps the things that would have everyone else in the world reaching for a straitjacket.

Together with his prickly partner, Trudy, the most dangerous girl in his school, Jack sets out to find the missing children. And if, along the way, he’s forced to tackle rogue pirates, a thuggish tooth fairy and a wild bear who’s a very sore loser when it comes to musical statues, then so be it. But this is one madcap adventure that may change them all forever. Especially poor David, who’s about to be fitted with a peg leg and a hook…

“A zany explosion of hilarity.” —Eoin Colfer, author of Artemis Fowl

“Gamble’s debut novel is overflowing with offbeat humor… An entertaining read for fans of humorous adventure, such as Michael Buckley’s NERDS series.” —School Library Journal

Debut author Gamble combines outrageous adventure and a tongue-in-cheek tone to create a novel that’s both thoughtful and filled with laughs… Relatively short, action-filled chapters keep things moving briskly, despite interruptions from frequent (and quite funny) footnotes and excerpts from the Ministry handbook, which cover everything from the role of kangaroos in the manufacturing of duvet covers to why pirates ‘always bury their money rather than making use of more convenient online banking.’” —Publishers Weekly

“Think Douglas Adams or Terry Pratchett, set in and around the Ulster Museum. Fans of the weird and the zany will devour this novel.” The Irish Times

THE MINISTRY OF S.U.I.T.S is a wonderful place, and the extracts from their handbook will have young readers giggling helplessly...the whole story romps along at a cracking pace. It's lively, with just the right balance of danger and comedy, and it's chock-a-block with explanations so bizarre you just long for them to be true. Don't miss it.” The Bookbag

“THE MINISTRY OF STRANGE, UNUSUAL, AND IMPOSSIBLE THINGS is a hilarious, madcap adventure. It is as strange as the title suggests - and ridiculously good fun . . . The book is packed full of jokes and the footnotes, and the 'Ministry Handbook' excerpts are genuinely hilarious. Highly recommended for curious children who are always looking for the strange and wonderful.” BookTrust

“THE MINISTRY OF S.U.I.T.S by Paul Gamble is a cavalcade of utter nonsense (much like me). Unlike me, it manages to be clever and funny as well.” Dave Rudden, author of The Borrowed Dark

Paul Gamble’s bio:
Paul Gamble was born and brought up in Belfast. He currently works in the Department of Culture, Arts and Leisure which involves working closely with a range of institutions throughout Northern Ireland.

Alongside his job, Paul has also written for television and radio for the last twenty years. He has worked on topical comedy sketch shows with many actors and stand-up comedians. When not writing or reading he can be found at local music venues or watching theatre. THE MINISTRY OF S.U.I.T.S is his debut novel.

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