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First Second Press Eisner Ödülleri

Macmillan Çocuk grubu Yayınlarından First Second Press'den  Eisner Ödülü Kazanan Eserleri duyurmaktan heyecan duyuyoruz! Eisner Ödülleri çizgi roman endüstrisinin en prestijli ödüllerinden.

Gene Luen Yang THE SHADOW HERO adlı çalışmasıyla Eisner- En İYİ Yazar Ödülünü aldı.

THE SHADOW HERO by Gene Luen Yang and Sonny Liew
First Second Books
Temmuz 2014; 176 sayfa.; Ebatları 6 x 10; Yaş Grubu 12 – 18
«"Yang and Liew reinvent this character in a brilliant homage that finally allows the Green Turtle to get his long overdue face time." - BCCB, STARRED REVIEW
«"There's plenty of humor in this lively, entertaining adventure story . . . At its heart, though, this book is a subtle comment on China's changing cultural landscape and growing multiculturism in America. A lovingly tongue-in-cheek homage." -Booklist, STARRED REVIEW
«"Racism, romance, humor, and identity all play important roles in Yang and Liew’s evocation of Hank’s life in pre-WWII San Francisco as they create an origin story that blends classic comics conventions with a distinctly Chinese perspective." - Publishers Weekly, STARRED REVIEW

Ödüller ve Eserin girdiği Listeler:
  • New York Times en çok satanlar listesi
  • Ayın En İyi Genç Yetişkin Amazon Kitabı
  • Ayın En İYİ  Amazon  Grafik Roman
  • Yaz 2014-Kids Indie Next listesi!
  • YALSA İsteksiz Genç Okuyucular için Seçtikleri

  • Yabancı satışları:
    • Fransızca / Kentsel Çin
Foreign sales:
  • French/Urban China
THIS ONE SUMMER -Mariko Tamaki ve Jillian TamakiEn İyi Grafik Roman dalında Eisner Ödülünü kazandı
THIS ONE SUMMER by Mariko Tamaki and Jillian Tamaki
First Second Books
May 2014;6 x 8 ½; 320 pp.; Ages 12 - 18

« “Captivating.” – SLJ, STARRED REVIEW
« “Wistful, touching, and perfectly bittersweet.” – Booklist, STARRED REVIEW
« “Keenly observed and gorgeously illustrated—a triumph. —Kirkus, STARRED REVIEW
« “Jillian Tamaki’s exceptionally graceful line is one of the strengths of this work…Fine characterization and sensitive prose distinguish the story.” —Publishers Weekly, STARRED REVIEW
«“This is a poignant drama worth sharing with middle-schoolers, and one that teen readers will also appreciate for its look back at the beginnings of the end of childhood.”—Horn BookSTARRED REVIEW
Ödüller ve girdiği Listeler:
  • Michael L. Printz Ödülü-Onur
  • Caldecott Onur Ödülü
  • New York Times Bestseller Listesi
  • Booklist Editorün Seçimi,
  • Time Dergisi Yılın İlk 10 Kitabı Seçimi
  • New York Times Kitap Eki Yılın Önemli Çocuk Kitapları
  • School Library Journal Yılın En İYi Kitabı
  • Kirkus Yılın En İyi Genç Yetişkin Kitabı
  • Publishers Weekly Yılın En İyi Kitabı
  • NYTBR Yılın En Dikkate Değer Kitabı
  • School Library Yılın En İyi Kitabı
  • L.A. Times Kitap Ödülü - Finalisti
  • ALA Yılın En Dikkate Değer Kitabı
  • YALSA Gençlere Yönelik En Önemli Grafik Kitap
Uluslarası Satışları:
  • Chinese simplified/Shanghai 99 Readers
  • Danish/Rosinate & Co
  • French/Rue de Sevres
  • German/Reprodukt
  • Italian/Bao Publishing
  • Korean/Esoope
  • Polish/Kultura Gniewu
  • Portuguese(Portugal)/Planeta Tangerina
  • Portuguese (Brazil)/Marsupial Editore
  • Spanish/Ediciones La Cupula
  • Swedish/Placebo Press
Aron Steinke ve Ariel Cohn'un THE ZOO BOX adlı eseri Erken Okuyucular için En İYi Yayın Dalında Eisner Ödülü aldı
THE ZOO BOX by Ariel Cohn and Aron Steinke
First Second Books
Temmuz 2015; 10.33 x 7.81 inches, 48 sayfa.; Renkli; Yaş Grubu-5-7

“In this graphic-novel/picture-book hybrid, two siblings open a forbidden box and must use courage and ingenuity to escape what comes out of the package . . . Outrageous adventure.” - BCCB
“. . . bright colors, bold figures, and easy-reading text in the word balloons make this book great fun for new readers, who will thrill to the chase as Erika and Patrick try to find their way home before their parents return.” - Booklist
“Filled with brightly colored illustrations and nicely spaced speech bubbles, the book is easy to read and highly visually appealing. A terrific choice for new readers who gravitate to graphic novels but aren't quite ready for most of them yet.” - School Library Journal
“The zoo comes to two unsuspecting children when they discover a magical, mysterious box.” Kirkus Reviews

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