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Lori Roy

​Lori Roy-LET ME DIE IN HIS FOOTSTEPS eleştirmenlerden tam ikinci yıldızlı yorumunu aldı. Yazarımız, en iyi polisiye ödülü olan Edgar ödülü sahibi.

Edgar-Ödüllü Lori Roy'dan, ABD'de  kamu önünde asılarak idamla ilgili son yasal kamusal infazı çevreleyen olaylardan esinlenerek hazırlanmış bu eser, gerilim romanı ve Güney edebiyatı kurgu unsurlarını harmanlayan olağanüstü bir roman.

“The scents of Lavender and regret are heavy in this suspenseful coming-of-age novel centering on two generations of rural Kentucky women—and those unlucky enough to become enmeshed in their lives—from Edgar-winner Roy (Bent Road). The devastating tale alternates between chapters set in 1936 narrated by Sarah Crowley and chapters set in 1952 from the third-person perspective of teenage Annie Holleran, whom Sarah has been raising as her daughter. But the key figure, never heard from directly, is Juna, Sarah’s younger sister (and Annie’s birth mother), a seductive, sinister force responsible for sending one man to the gallows and a boy to his death. Gifted (or cursed) with Juna’s startling black eyes and a sixth sense country folk call “the know-how,” the spirited Annie has been making nearly everyone uneasy for as long as she can remember. Annie’s discovery of a dead body on a neighboring farm leads to the unearthing of long-buried, still-dangerous secrets. This powerful story inspired by the last legal public hanging in the U.S. should transfix readers right up to its stunning final twist. Publisher’s Weekly, starred review

“Roy easily reaches back in time to conjure small-town Kentucky of 1936 and 1952, as Annie and her adoptive mother reveal the aftermath of a young boy’s mysterious death. Edgar winner Roy’s third novel (following Until She Comes Home, 2013) is an atmospheric, vividly drawn tale that twists her trademark theme of family secrets with the crackling spark of the “know-how” for a suspenseful, ghost-story feel.” —Booklist,starred review

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