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Steve Osborne: THE JOB

Yazarın New York Polis Departmanında  hizmet verdiği yirmi yıl üzeri süre boyunca edindiği gerçek hikayelerden bir derleme. Nisan 2015 de Dubleday'den yayınlanacak.The Book List'in eser için yaptığı yorumu sizlerle paylaşmaktan memnunum. Booklist,  "Polisler doğuştan iyi öykü anlatır, ve Osborne'un bu eseri "en iyilerinden biri olmalı" ayrıca Booklist bu derlemeye "sürükleyici,"diyor. The Job New York polislerinin şehirde geçen olaylar karşsısında yaşadıkları keder ve mizah duygusunu mükemmel bir denge kurarak anlatıyor. Mutlaka okunması gereken bir kitap. gerçek suç kitaplarına düşkün olanların beğenisini kazanacak.

Steve osborne
Narrative Nonfiction
The Job
Doubleday, April 2015.  North American.                                                      Manuscript available.

There is no more interesting place to be a police officer than in New York City. The world through a cop’s eyes is a very different place, and with his mix of gritty humor and heartbreaking tragedy, Steve Osborne, a 20-year veteran of the NYPD and star of NPR’s internationally syndicated radio show “The Moth”, takes the reader inside the life and psyche of a New York City street cop, him from his first day on the job to his last.

Readers will see Steve buying hot dogs for an undernourished crack dealer he had just pinned to the ground and arrested. Parting with a mug shot of a wanted felon who had just been murdered, when Steve realized it would be the only photo his mother would ever have of her now-deceased son. Holding a mortally wounded puppy in the back seat of a patrol car, and crying for the first and only time in his career. Mistaking a fleeing man—who turned out to be a dentist—for an armed bank robber and discovering the dentist mistook him for a Mafia hit man (because the dentist had been having an affair with a mobster’s wife). Talking a mother out of seeing her daughter’s decomposed body in her studio apartment. With a blend of a heart, humor, hope, and irony, Steve Osborne gives readers a front-row ticket to the greatest show on Earth.

“Cops are innately good storytellers, and Osborne must be one of the best. Riveting.”
Booklist, Starred review

“Steve Osborne is a born storyteller, and anyone expecting a cop book to be filled with action and adventure won’t be disappointed with THE JOB. But what makes this story so powerful is its compassion and bittersweet comedy, the unexpected moments in which the worst situations bring out the best in people. Anyone who knows a cop—or wants to—should read this book.”   
—Edward Conlon, author of Blue Blood

Nobody tells a cop story better than a cop, and Osborne tells them as well as I’ve ever heard (and I’ve heard a lot of them). Go buy this book, for the chases, the laughs, and the poignancy. Go buy it now, especially now, because for every bad cop there are twenty heroic ones—and Steve Osborne was one of them.”—Brian McDonald, author of My Father’s Gun

Steve Osborne was a highly decorated member the New York City Police Department for 20 years and retired as a Lieutenant assigned to the Detective Bureau. During his career he worked as a plainclothes cop, patrolling the streets of Manhattan in a yellow cab, in the Fugitive Division, hunting down the city’s most wanted felons, in the Intelligence Division, gathering intelligence from confidential informants, and as Commanding Officer of the Manhattan Gang Squad. 

After retiring, he began writing a series of short stories about his adventures on "the job”, and has become a star of NPR’s internationally syndicated radio show “The Moth”, where his stories have been enjoyed by millions of listeners throughout the United States, England, Ireland, and Australia, and have garnered over 1.5 million views online. One of his short stories appears in The Moth: This Is A True Story (Serpent’s Tail, August 2014). He has also told his stories on stages throughout the United States, and during a two-week engagement at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

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