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Scott McCloud:SCULPTOR

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Entertainment Weekly feature on The Sculptor, 2/6 issue
*Two-page spread attached*

New York Times feature on Scott McCloud, which ran in the Arts & Leisure section 2/3  

NPR ‘First Reads’ program.

Trailer Reveal:
Bustle, 1/27 [read it]

THE SCULPTOR by Scott McCloud
First Second Books
February 2015; $29.99/$34.50; 6 x 8 ½; 496 pp.; Two-color throughout

·         British Commonwealth/Self Made Hero
·         Dutch/Scratch Books
·         French/Rue de Sevres (won at auction!)
·         German/Carlsen (won at auction!)
·         Greek/Webcomics
·         Italian/Bao Publishing (won at auction!)
·         Korean/Open Books/Mimesis
·         Spanish /Planeta (won at auction!)
«"The fluidity of McCloud's visual narrative carries us along with a sweep impossible to duplicate in prose, and, through it its climax, the story's commitment to its harsh, inevitable, but ultimately sublime outcome qualifies this as a work of stunning, timeless graphic literature." - Booklist, STARRED REVIEW

« “Drawn in sharp, sure-handed lines that jump from intimate blocks of wry but poignant interactions with other characters to dramatically realized city scenery, McCloud's epic generates magic and makes an early play for graphic novel of the year.”—Publishers Weekly, STARRED REVIEW

Awards & Honors:
·         An Amazon Best Book of February [list]
·         An ICv2 ‘Pick Hit’ of Q1

COVER REVEAL: USA Today’s Happily Ever After blog exclusively revealed the cover!

New York Times Art Beat, April 23, 2014: “A Different Kind of Superpower”: BOOK ANNOUNCEMENT AND ART REVEAL!
The announcement included a short interview with Scott and the first piece of final art
But with great power also comes a great deadline: his deal with the grim reaper gives him 200 days to leave his mark on the world. Despite the fantastical premise, the story is still very much ground in reality, and also a romance.”

Entertainment Weekly included Scott McCloud’s _The Sculptor_ in their 12/26 print ‘Forecast’ issue, as one of the 20 books in 2015 that they can’t wait for. http://www.ew.com/ew/gallery/0,,20883430_30268701,00.html
A scan of the piece is attached.
The feature included a cover image and an author photo. 
Entertainment Weekly has a circulation of 1.7 million. 
Scott visited the office to sign copies for us! J

Description: http://www.publishersweekly.com/images/cached/PHOTO_OF_THE_DAY/photo/000/000/001/1215-v1-300x.JPG

McCloud Talks 'The Sculptor' – Publishers Weekly - Photo of the Week
“Acclaimed comics theorist Scott McCloud spent the evening of February 3 onstage at a packed hall at the 92nd Street Y, talking about the current state of comics and graphic novel publishing, and the publication this month of 'The Sculptor,' his first work of fiction in 15 years. Pictured (l. to r.) are McCloud and his publisher Mark Siegel, editorial director of First Second, with a copy of the book.”
Photo by C. Reid

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