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Hope Tarr'ın TEMPTING adlı eserine 
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“Romance Novelist Hope Tarr Has 25 Books, a Film Option and a Fainting Couch” adlı makaleyi okumak için tıklayınız; here 

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Description: Macintosh HD:Users:victoria:Desktop:51HEQdPnsPL.jpgTempting
Agent: Louise Fury
Hope Tarr, February 2012. World English.
Japan: Oakla. Spain: Libros de Seda.
Manuscript available.

Aspiring Member of Parliament, Simon Belleville knows he should take the pretty prostitute directly to Newgate Gaol. But one glimpse of Christine Tremayne’s lovely, tear splashed face finds him faltering. Staring into her pleading amber eyes, he cannot subdue the sense that she is not at all what she seems. Though her expectations are limited by birth and circumstance, she demonstrates a keen mind and a love of books and learning. Hoping to help her as once he was helped, he assumes the role of her guardian—and tutor. As the heat in their private lessons progresses from a fledgling spark to full flame, Simon allows he has never before been so intrigued—or so tempted.

"With just the right amount of sexual tension and sensuality, this romance between two unlikely people was a delight to read. A very solid 4/5 Stars, and I will be reading more from this author in the future."—The Romanceaholic

"…I read it through in one sitting." Jean Wan, All About Romance

"An absolutely enchanting romance…Hope Tarr has given us a book to savor..."—RT Book Reviews

"Tempting is a must read for any historical romance fan."Babbling About Books and More

"The cream rises to the top in Tempting." —Susan Wiggs, bestselling author

"Hope Tarr is a master storyteller who breathes magic into love..." —Miranda Jarrett, bestselling author

Description: 20922319Claimed by the Rogue

Agent: Louise Fury
Samhain Publishing, March 2014. World English.
Manuscript available.

When Robert Bellamy signed on with the East India Company and set sail for Calcutta,  Lady Phoebe Tremont took his promise to heart. Their separation would be but brief; in  six months he would send for her.
Six years later, believing her love to be drowned at sea, Phoebe hides her tears behind a  disguise at a masked ball to celebrate her engagement to a dashing French aristocrat. It is  there she encounters a handsome guest costumed as a rogue of the sea—a pirate. When  he drops his mask, she finds herself looking into a dead man’s eyes. A ghost’s eyes.  Robert’s eyes.
Through hardship and degradation, Robert never lost his resolve to return home to  England a rich man. Now a successful ship’s captain, there is one prize left to reclaim— Phoebe.
But the demure debutante he left behind has grown into a dazzling, decidedly self- determined woman. Nor is Robert the callow youth who set sail in search of adventure.  Yet the one thing that could win her heart is the very dark truth his pride warns him never to reveal…

"Sexy and smart, intriguing and compelling, Hope Tarr’s books always keep me up late turning the pages."Anna Campbell, author of What a Duke Dares

Hope Tarr’s Bio:

Hope Tarr is the award-winning author of twenty-five historical and contemporary romance novels including Operation Cinderella the launch to her Suddenly Cinderella Series, optioned by Twentieth Century Fox as a feature film. Hope is also a co-founder and current curator of Lady Jane’s Salon, New York City’s first and only monthly romance series now in its sixth year with nine satellites nationwide. She lives in NYC. Visit her online at www.HopeTarr.com

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