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Eula Biss
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Mark Zuckerberg 
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ISBN: 978 09929747 49
Price: £12.99
Published: 18 February 2015

Wednesday saw the UK publication of ON IMMUNITY: AN INOCULATION by Eula Biss from Fitzcarraldo Editions.

Yesterday Mark Zuckerberg announced that he has selected ON IMMUNITY as the fourth book for his Facebook 'Year in Books' reading group: 

Sales of the previous titles selected for this social media reading group have been “seismic” and so far the book has already enjoyed substantial praise and attention in the US, where it was also recently nominated for the National Book Critics Circle Prize (Biss previously won the award for her essay: Notes from No Man’s Land) and was Book of the Year 2014 in the New York TimesChicago TribuneSalon & Publisher's Weekly among others. 
In the UK it has already been favourably reviewed by the TLSNew Statesman, and The Big Issue, with confirmation that a review is due in the Financial Times this coming weekend.
Due to this exciting new developement we have also seen stories in the following:

In addition to the above we can now also confirm the following:

Daily Telegraph interiew with Eula Biss 
(int this afternoon, so hopefully it'll be out next week)
Irish Times Review
Mumsnet Extract
Foyles Online Extract
Guardian Books Podcast Interview – (recording 5 Feb)
Guardian review by Rachel Cusk
Newtalk FMTalking Books, (Ireland) Interview – (recording 29 Jan)
Image Magazine (Ireland) review – April issue (out end of Feb)
The Lancet Magazine Review - end of Feb

Reviews already in:

New Statesman – 13 Feb ‘15

‘[T]he widely used phrase “herd immunity”, [is] one of those buried metaphors that Eula Biss regularly stops to unearth throughout this beautifully written essay … [P]artly a fruitful archaeology of ideas about immunity – which sometimes seem to be metaphor all the way down – and partly a memoir: the subject took on visceral importance for the author once she gave birth to a son who turned out to have severe allergies.’
Steven Poole, New Statesman

TLS – 16 Jan ‘15
‘The book draws on Victorian literature, Greek myths, etymology, social anthropology and on Biss’s personal experience as a mother … In her narrative, toxicology reports, perception of risk, and Susan Sontag’s analysis of the power of metaphors all blend seamlessly… Biss’s accomplishment lies in telling a riveting story in a sober voice, drawing accurate inferences from the scientific literature, and never lingering on superstition … Biss’s book is a contribution to the history of medicine, but also to the quiet form of the essay.’
Fani Papageorgiou, TLS  

The Big Issue – 12 – 18 Jan ‘15

‘[A] penetrating study of the nature of contamination, medicine and paranoia … a masterwork of research and enlightenment. Her consideration of both the metaphorical and the practical elements of inoculation draw obvious comparisons with Susan Sontag, and though she writes quite differently, her work stands up to the lofty comparison ... The combination of personal stories, original thought and eclectic references make this a compelling, memorable read.’
Jane Graham, The Big Issue

Lots more to follow do keep your ears to the ground.

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Feb 2015
Fitzcarraldo Editions

‘Biss is our great poet of national fear … she is superb at showing how our choice of words, from intimate conversations to cable-pundit airhorns, reveal our anxieties about children, race, and community.’ Mark Athitakis, Salon What to Read Awards 2014

ZONE by Mathias Enard (Fiction - Translated from French) - Aug '14
Fitzcarraldo Editions

Zone tells a broader story about the movement of modern history… Again and again Mathias Enard’s white knuckle narrative plunges back into the battle-scared past.’ David Winters, Literary Review

MEMORY THEATRE by Simon Critchley (Essay) - Sept '14 
Fitzcarraldo Editions

‘This is an unusual book in which fact and fancy blend in fascinating, rewarding and often very comic ways.’ Nicholas Lezard, Guardian

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