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is one YALSA’s picks for 2015 Best Fiction for Young Adults!

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Description: Macintosh HD:Users:victoria:Desktop:DevilsInternCover-page-001.jpgThe Devil’s Intern

Agent: Beth Phelan
Genre: Young Adult
Holiday House, Fall 2014. North American.
Books available.

* a Kirkus Prize 2014 nominee
* a Kirkus Teen Book of the Year 2014
* YALSA’s Best Books of 2015 list
      * CYBILS (Children’s and Young Adult Blogger’s Literary Award) - Best Young Adult Speculative Fiction nominee
         * CBC’s 2014 Teen Choice Book Awards nominee
After his untimely—and quite un-heroic—death, seventeen-year-old Mitchell Johnson is slaving away in the business district of Hell where he discovers a fabled time-travelling device he can’t ignore. But stealing the timepiece so he can prevent his own death has some unexpected consequences that place his new friends in danger. Each of the teens has a secret motive for returning to their times of death, but one of them has caught the attention of the feared Skin Walkers—the wolfish creatures that track evil on Earth and drag them into the bowels of the underworld to be tortured for all eternity. But which of Mitchell’s friends is their target?
The Devil’s Intern will appeal to fans of Rysa Walker’s ABNA-winning novel Timebound (Skyscape, 2014) and Meg Cabot’s Abandon series (Scholastic). 
“Just outstanding fun for those who enjoy snarky comedy and suspense.” Kirkus Reviews, starred review
“Interesting characters, nonstop adventure, and humor with a touch of heart will not disappoint teens.” School Library Journal, starred review
"In a tale that swings from dead funny to dead serious…Hosie incorporates uncommonly savvy thinking about the paradoxes and logical consequences of changing the past" —Booklist 
“There is a wry snark throughout… the sharp focus on the four friends, who are endearing and carefully developed, will keep readers engaged with trying to figure it all out.” —The Bulletin of the Center for Children’s Books 
“Yep, read in a single sitting. Absolutely riveting premise, great characters, many bits of humor to liven the darkness, nicely crisp writing, really cool time-travelling…” —Charlotte’s Library 
“This is a time travel story and it makes great use of the device…It reminded me a little bit of the time travel in [Harry Potter and the] Prisoner of Azkaban… This is a really enjoyable, funny, and often moving read.” —Stacked
“It's a clever, funny premise…And Mitchell and his friend, Medusa, have the type of Sam and Diane relationship that had me rooting for them to get together.” —Unshelved
“This is a one-of-a-kind story about the road trip to end all road trips.” —Be a Better Booktalker
“Great snarky humor and clever commentary are the sparks in this clever book and the four bumbling teens are completely endearing. Add Hosie’s excellent handling of time-travel paradoxes and you’ve got a book that will light up your reading!” —The Booklist Reader
“Author Donna Hosie has given teens a book about the afterlife that's one "hell" of an adventure…” –Everyday EBook

Donna Hosie’s Bio:
Donna Hosie is an English writer living in Australia. She’s the author of the YA Camelot trilogy (Searching for Arthur, the Fire of Merlin, and The Spirit of Nimue. and has written extensively for Harry Potter fandom. She blogs at http://musingsofapennilesswriter.blogspot.com/.

The Devil’s Dreamcatcher
Agent: Beth Phelan
Genre: Young Adult
Holiday House, Fall 2015. North American.
Manuscript available.

After 40 years, Melissa "Medusa" Pallister is about to come face-to-face with the devils she saw outside her house the day her stepfather Rory died. But before the group can even begin to repair the holes in their memories, they are sent back to the land of the living to retrieve the Devil's Dreamcatcher—stolen by the same man who still haunts Medusa's dreams. A team of angels is dispatched to find the Dreamcatcher as well and the two teams unite in their search to locate Rory before the Dreamcatcher can be used as a weapon against one of the immortal realms. Resigned to act as bait, Medusa is tasked with shepherding the group through her short life while avoiding the vengeful Skinwalkers, learning to focus their own rage, and trying to get along. But the Dreamcatcher is definitely not what it seems, and their mission changes when they learn the consequences of coming back empty-handed. 

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