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Macmillan Çocuk Kitapları Yayınları 2014'ün en iyileri

Sene sonu yaklaşıyor! Ve haliyle 2014'ün En İyi Kitapları seçiliyor. Sizlerle School Library Journal, Kirkus , Amazon, Horn Book, Publishers Weekly ve the New York Times! listelerinden uzun listeye giren Macmillan Çocuk Kitapları Yayınlarını sizlerle paylaşmaktan heyecanlıyız.

THIS ONE SUMMER bu yıl (2014) içinde aldığı diğer pek çok ödüle ek olarak,Time.com tarafından Genç Yetişkinlere yönelik kitaplar kategorisinde yılın En İyi 10 Kitabından Biri Seçildi! Size kısaca aldoğı ödülleri ve eserin çevrileceği dilleri paylaşmaktan memnunum:

THIS ONE SUMMER by written by Mariko Tamaki; illustrated by Jillian Tamaki
First Second Books
Mayıs 2014; 6 x 8 ½; 320 sayfa.;Yaş Grubu 12 - 18

·         Time.com Yılın En İyi 10 Genç Yetişkin Kitabından Biri
·         SLJ’s 2014'ün En İyi Kitabı
·         The New York Times Book Review “ 2014- Yılın Unutulmaz Kitabı”
·         Publishers Weekly Yılın En İyi Genç Yetişkin Kitabı (2014)
·         Horn Book 2014 Yılının Kurgu Kategorisinde-Yılın En İyi Kitabı
·         Ignatz Ödüllü
·       Kanada'nın en büyük edebiyat ödülü sayılan Genel Vali Ödülü(Bu ödül İllustratörlere verilen bir ödül)

Çevrileceği Diller
§  Chinese Simplified/pending
§  French/Rue de Sevres
§  German/Reprodukt
§  Italian/Bao Publishing
§  Korean/Esoope
§  Portuguese (Portugal)/Planeta
§  Spanish/Ediciones La Cupula

«  “Stellar.” – BCCB, STARRED REVIEW
« “Captivating.” – SLJ, STARRED REVIEW
«  “Wistful, touching, and perfectly bittersweet.” – Booklist, STARRED REVIEW
«“Keenly observed and gorgeously illustrated—a triumph. —Kirkus, STARRED REVIEW
«  “Jillian Tamaki’s exceptionally graceful line is one of the strengths of this work…Fine characterization and sensitive prose distinguish the story.” — Publishers Weekly, STARRED REVIEW
«“This is a poignant drama worth sharing with middle-schoolers, and one that teen readers will also appreciate for its look back at the beginnings of the end of childhood.”Horn Book, STARRED REVIEW

VIVA FRIDA by Yuyi Morales
A Neal Porter Book, Roaring Brook Press
Eylül 2014 ; 10 x 10;  40 sayfa.; Yaş Grubu  4 – 8

·         SLJ’nin 2014'ün En İyi Kitabı Ödülü** Bu sayısısının kapak çalışması Yuyi Morales tarafından yapıldı!
·         Horn Book  2014'ün En İyi Kitabı
·         Publishers Weekly’nin 2014'ün En İyi Resimli Kitabı

Uluslarası satışları:
§  Spanish/Planeta Mexico

« “Morales once again impresses us with her artistry in an ingenious tour de force.” — The Horn Book, STARRED REVIEW
« “Created with stop-motion puppets, paintings, and digital elements, these are amazing works of art themselves.” — School Library Journal, STARRED REVIEW
« “Frida is presented less as a historical figure than as an icon who represents the life Morales holds sacred; Frida lives because she loves and creates.”—Publishers Weekly, STARRED REVIEW

A Neal Porter Book, Roaring Brook Press
October 2014; 11 x 8 ½;  40 pp.; Ages 3 - 7

§  SLJ’-2014'ün En İyi Kitabı

Uluslarası Satışo:
§  Turkish/ABM Yayincilik

« “It’s merry, timeless entertainment that children will return to with pleasure.”— Publishers WeeklySTARRED REVIEW
« “While you may need to curb kids from leaving treats around to lure the hunting party out again, they’ll certainly be delighted with this alternative take on hunter/gathering.”—BCCB,STARRED REVIEW
« “Nolan’s illustrations are wonderfully detailed and textured, from the jagged roots and tree bark the group climbs to the wings of the dragonfly that soars overhead.”—School Library Journal, STARRED REVIEW

THE IRIDESCENCE OF BIRDS by Patricia MacLachlan; illustrated by Hadley Hooper
A Neal Porter Book, Roaring Brook Press
October 2014; 9 x 11;  40 pp.; Ages 4 – 8  

·      Kanada'nın en büyük edebiyat ödülü sayılan Genel Vali 
·         Kirkus Reviews-2014-Yılın En İyi Resimli Çocuk Kitabı

 Uluslarası Satışları
§  French/Milan Editions
§  Italian/Giunti Editore

« “Glorious.”—Kirkus, STARRED REVIEW
«"The book gives off a creative energy that readers of all ages will find fulfilling … A poetic look at creativity, both natural and nurtured." - School Library Journal, STARRED REVIEW
«*"In two long, lyrical sentences, Patricia MacLachlan wonders about the early years of Henri Matisse…an essential, spirited picture book." - Booklist, STARRED REVIEW
« “ It’s a sumptuous meditation on the way artists see and feel, one that possesses an iridescence of its own.”—Publishers Weekly, STARRED REVIEW

STAR STUFF by Stephanie Roth Sisson
Roaring Brook Press
Ekim 2014; 11 x 8 ½;  40 pp.; Ages 4 – 8  

·        SLJ’nin 2014'ün En İyi Kitabı Ödülü
·         Amazon 2014'ün En İyi Kitabı Ödülü

Uluslarası Satışları:
§  Japanese/Komine Shoten
§  Korean/Dourei Publication Co.

«"Sisson's economical narrative and lighthearted illustrations convey Sagan's regard for the power of imagination and his generous approach to knowledge . . . Both friendly and inspiring." - KIRKUS, STARRED REVIEW
«"Told in narrative format, this beautifully designed and illustrated picture book gives readers a glimpse into the childhood wonderings Sagan experienced as he looked at the night sky and imagined possibilities." - School Library Journal, STARRED REVIEW

Roaring Brook Press/ David Macaulay Studio
September 2014; 8 ½ x 11;  48 pp.; Ages 7 – 11   

·         SLJ-2014'ün En İyi Kitabı

·         Horn Book 2014'ün En İyi Kitabı

·         Kirkus 2014'ün En İyi Resimli Çocuk Kitabı

« “Roy’s reverence for her subject is evident in her majestic underwater scenes, while light humor and rich content round out a standout resource for shark enthusiasts.” —Publishers Weekly, STARRED REVIEW
«"Look closely at the cover of this impressive account of great white sharks off the Northern California coast: that bright red in the illustration is blood trailing from a chunk of freshly killed immature elephant seal - and a signal that Roy's book will fully examine the sometimes chilling, always fascinating details of what makes this animal a predator." - The Horn Book, STARRED REVIEW
« “Full of the eww factor, up-to-date facts and kid appeal, this splendid, gory introduction is not for the faint of heart!" - Kirkus Reviews, STARRED REVIEW
« “Accurate and captivating . - School Library Journal, STARRED REVIEW

THE PORT CHICAGO 50 by Steve Sheinkin
Roaring Brook Press
January 2014; 6 x 9; 208 pp.; Ages 10 – 14

·         2014'ün En İyi Kitabı

·         The New York Times Yılın Unutulmaz Kitabı**
·         Amazon  2014'ün En İyi Kitabı Ödülü
·         Publishers Weekly 2014'ün Orta Yaş Grubu Çocuklara Yazılmış En İyi Kitabı Ödülü
·         Ulusal Kitap Ödülü  finalisti

« “Sheinkin re-creates a story that remains largely unknown to many Americans, and is one of the many from World War II about segregation and race that is important to explore with students.” – School Library Journal, STARRED REVIEW
«”Sheinkin delivers another meticulously researched WWII story, one he discovered while working on his Newbery Honor book, Bomb.” –Publishers Weekly, STARRED REVIEW
«”In this thoroughly researched and well-documented drama, Sheinkin lets the participants tell the story, masterfully lacing the narrative with extensive quotations drawn from oral histories, information from trial transcripts and archival photographs.” – Kirkus Reviews, STARRED REVIEW

 EDWARD HOPPER PAINTS HIS WORLD by Robert Burleigh; illustrations by Wendell Minor
Christy Ottaviano Books, Henry Holt Books for Young Readers
Augustos 2014; 10 x 10; 40sayfa.; Yaş Grubu 5 - 9

·         Kirkus Reviews’s 2014'ün En İyi Çocuk Kitabı Ödülü

«"Two masters of illustrated, brief biographies for young people reunite . . . an enduring and inspiring book that will help kids to understand the why and how of an artist at work." -Kirkus Reviews, STARRED REVIEW
«" The accessible narrative then invites the audience to think more critically about the context in which Hopper created." - Publishers Weekly, STARRED REVIEW

RUPERT CAN DANCE by Jules Feiffer
Farrar, Straus and Giroux Books for Young Readers
Augustos 2014; 9 x 12; 32 sayfa.;Yaş Grubu3 – 6

§  Amazon  2014'ün En İyi Kitabı Ödülü 
Uluslarası Satışları:
§  British Commonwealth/Andersen Press
§  French/Editions du Genevrier

«"Feiffer has created a compelling, yet concise, sequential narrative that shows the importance of imagination and being flexible . . . A first purchase for cat fans and free spirits everywhere." - School Library Journal, STARRED REVIEW
« "Feiffer is at his best drawing the two flying through the air in a cat-and-human pas de deux: it’s a quintessentially Feifferian moment." - Publishers Weekly, STARRED REVIEW

IF ANIMALS KISSED GOOD NIGHT by Ann Whitford Paul, illustrated by David Walker
Farrar, Straus and Giroux Books for Young Readers
KArton Kitap: HAziran 2014; 6 ½ x 6 ½; 32 sayfa.; Yaş Grubu 3 - 6

§  Amazon  2014'ün En İyi Kitabı Ödülü

Ciltli Kitap uluslarası Satışları
§  Korean/Bookhouse Publishing
§  Japanese/pending

ARCADY’S GOAL by Eugene Yelchin
Henry Holt Books for Young Readers
Ekim 2014; 11 x 8 ½;  40sayfa  Yaş Grubu  4 – 8  

·         The New York Times Book Review “2014'ün Unutulmaz Kitabı"

Uluslarası Satışları:
§  Chinese Complex/Global Kids
§  Italian/Piemme Junior
§  Japanese/Iwanami Shoten

Roaring Brook Press
Paper Over Board: January 2014; 5 ½ x 8; 128 pp.; Ages 7 - 10

§  Amazon  2014'ün En İyi Kitabı Ödülü

§ Uluslarası Satışları
§   Over 8 Million copies sold!!
§  New York Times bestselling series!!
§  Chinese Simplified/Macmillan Century - Chapter Books 1 - 6
§  French (Europe only)/Bayard Jeunesse – Chapter Books 1 - 4, 6 - 7
§  French (North America only)/Scholastic Canada - Chapter Books 1 – 8
§  Greek/Dioptra - Chapter Books 1 - 4
§  Hebrew/Iguana Publishers - Chapter Books 1 - 2
§  Hungarian/Konyvolykepzo Kiado - Chapter Books 1 - 3
§  Polish/Mamania - Chapter Books 1 - 4
§  Portuguese (Brazil)/Editora DCL – Chapter Books 1 - 4
§  Portuguese (Portugal)/Clube do Autor - Chapter Book 1
§  Slovenian/Desk - Chapter Books 1 - 4
§  Spanish/RBA Libros - Chapter Books 1 - 4
§  Turkish/Epsilon Yayinlari - Chapter Books 1 – 7

GRAVITY by Jason Chin
A Neal Porter Book, Roaring Brook Press
Nisan 2014; 11 x 8 ½; 32 sayfa.; Yaş Grubu  5 - 8

·         Kirkus Reviews- 2014'ün En İyi Çocuk Kitabı Ödülü

Uluslarası Satışları:
§  British Commonwealth/Andersen Press
§  Spanish/Picarona

« “In his embrace of the wild possibilities of a world without gravity, Chin outdoes himself.”— Kirkus Reviews, STARRED REVIEW
« “With an elegant, spare text and playful, daring pictures, Chin’s latest opus exerts a powerful pull all its own.”— Publishers Weekly, STARRED REVIEW

KID SHERRIFF AND THE TERRIBLE TOADS by Bob Shea, illustrated by Lane Smith
Roaring Brook Press
Ekimr 2014; 11 x 8 ½;  32 sayfa.; Yaş Grubıu 4 – 8  

·         Kirkus Review- 2014'ün En İyi Çocuk Kitabı Ödülü
·         Amazon 2014'ün En İyi Kitabı Ödülü

Uluslarası Satışları
§  Chinese Complex/Grimm Press

«"Shea's broad parody of matinee Westerns is a readaloud delight . . . This is, without question, the best dinosaur book with no dino-saurs in it." - BCCB, STARRED REVIEW
«"A crowd-pleasin' knee-slapper that'll have 'em rolling in the aisles, yessirree." - Kirkus Reviews, STARRED REVIEW
«"Another stellar job by Shea and Smith." - School Library Journal, STARRED REVIEW

A Neal Porter Book, Roaring Brook Press
Ekim 2014; 5 ½ x 7;  240 sayfa.;YAş Grubu 9 – 12; Siyah Beyaz çizimli

·         Kirkus Reviews  2014'ün En İyi Çocuk Kitabı Ödülü
 Uluslarası Satışları
§  Chinese Complex/Astar Media

« “A sweet and quirky flight of fancy.”—Booklist, STARRED REVIEW!
« “Readers who don’t mind a slightly open-ended narrative will adore this dreamy, experiential story for its quirky charms.”—School Library Journal, STARRED REVIEW
« “Stead does not disappoint, giving readers another beautifully rendered picture book full of whimsy, heart and delight.”—Kirkus, STARRED REVIEW

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