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David Shields:THAT THING YOU DO WITH YOUR MOUTH- The Sexual Autobiography of Samantha Matthews, As Told to David Shields

New Yorker'ın yeni sayısında yazar David Shields'i konu alan güzel bir makale yayınlandı. Buradan David'in en ilginç edebi tartışmalardan birinin merkezi olduğunu göreceksiniz.http://www.newyorker.com/culture/cultural-comment/novels-detractors

Ayrıca David'in çalışmalarını görebileceğiniz özet halinde bir dökümanı benden istemeyi unutmayınız.

David geçen yıl yayınlanan bir J D Salinger biyografisinin ortak yazarıydı. O eserin çevrileceği diller ve yayıncılarını size listeliyorum;

British: S&S UK
Chinese (CC): Rye Field
Dutch: Arbeidrspers
German: Droemer
Hungarian: Europa
Italian: ISBN Edizioni
Japanese: Kadokawa\
Polish: PWN (Wydawnictwo Naukowe)
Portuguese (Brazil):Intrinseca
Russian:  Exmo
Serbian: Admiral Books
Spanish (W): Seix Barral
Turkish:  Pegasus

“A performative monologue in which the speaker contends with the self-shattering aspects of sexuality

and their relationship to a daily life in which one aims for some measure of sturdiness. Such self-

shattering can bear root and kinship with personal trauma, and a history of being wickedly violated; a

misogyny/ rape culture in which we all share; and the ego’s chronic disobedience to the burdens of its

consolidation, its drive toward perversity and pleasure. The speaker’s monologue weaves these strands

together without forcing a decision or hierarchy between them. It’s a sad tale, mostly because the speaker

seems to ache for more happiness or goodness than her life seems to allow, but her frankness and her avid

desire to take inventory—to keep talking, keep telling—transmit a buoyancy and dedication that end up

feeling earned and admirable.”—Maggie Nelson, author of Bluets

“Hugely compelling. It should cause at least as much of a ruckus as Kathryn Harrison’s The Kiss.”

—Sarah Manguso, author of The Two Kinds of Decay

 “I read this book in a single sitting, powerfully held by its considerable intelligence and vernacular

eloquence. It’s compressed and modeled in a very shapely way, fruitfully ambiguous, terrifically

strong.”—Jonathan Raban, author of Bad Land

“As always, Shields is working in an interesting space. I started reading the book this morning and

couldn’t stop until I finished. A bold and fascinating book.”

—Jack Lechner, producer of The Fog of War, Blue Valentine, and Good Will Hunting

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