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DOGS ARE PEOPLE, TOO by Dave Coverly
Christy Ottaviano Books/Henry Holt Books for Young Readers
February 2015; 6 x 8 ½; 192 pp.; Ages 7 - 12; 4c and B&W art throughout;

Over the years, award–winning cartoonist Dave Coverly has created many cartoons exploring a wide range of themes: love, work, children, aliens, philosophical pasta, you name it. His most popular subject, however, is dogs. With categories such as working dogs, techie dogs, dogs behaving badly, and profiles of dogs both famous and not-so-famous, this very funny, very charming cartoon collection is perfect for animal lovers and cartoon fans of all ages.

Dave Coverly is an internationally syndicated cartoonist, whose Speed Bump cartoons appear in more than 400 newspapers, including The Washington Post, the Detroit Free Press, and Parade. Dave has illustrated THE VERY INAPPROPRIATE WORD, which was named a New York Times Editor’s Choice and received a starred reviewfrom Publishers Weekly. In 2009, he was given the Reuben Award for Outstanding Cartoonist of the Year by the National Cartoonists Society. speedbump.com

And now, an extra special surprise! Since our department has a few dog owners, we felt it was appropriate to include some additional photos of our own! I am pleased to present, Olivia, Otis, Sonic and Swyper!!

(Otis is not allowed on Miriam’s couch)

Deana, our permissions manager’s English bulldogs!

And for those of you who prefer cats, we can’t forget Holly’s cat TIGGER!!


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