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ANDRE THE GIANT by Box Brown ile ilgili sizlere bir güncelleştirme yapmak memnunuz. Andre Roussimoff, 2 metre 28 cm boyunda  , 226 kilo ağırlığındaki , daha çok The Princess Bride'daki sevimli dev ya da kahraman güreş yanlısı figür olarak tanınır. ANDRE THE GIANT yirminci yüzyılın en tanınan isimlerinden biri olan Andre Roussimoff'un ilk derinlemesine grafik biyografisi. Kitap Andre'nin hayat öyküsünün yanı sıra, Hulk Hogan gibi güreş dünyasındaki onun meslektaşlarının yanısıra,  (Billy Crystal, Robin Wright, Mandy Patinkin) gibi filmdeki oyuncu arkadaşlarından güreş dünyası hakkında zengin tarihsel kayıtlardan içeriyor.

ANDRE THE GIANT: Life and Legend by Box Brown
First Second
Trade Paperback: May 2014; $17.99/$19.99; 6 x 8 ½; 240 pp.

Foreign sales:
·         French/pending
·         Italian/Panini

Clip from The Princess Bride of Andre as Fezzik:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EE2TZAdoaS8
      Cast and crew members look back on their time on and off set with Andre:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QZg8XMdgX8Y

Praise, media, and awards:

·         Amazon Best Books of the Month for May
·         An ICv2 Pick Hit of Spring 2014

·         Box Brown was a featured guest on the BBC/WGBH radio show ‘The World’ to talk about his graphic novel Andre the Giant, 5/13/14
·         TK: USA Today Pop Candy Interview
·         NY Times Sunday Sports Section Feature, 5/11, (attached) 
o    The piece included an interview with the author and art from the book. 
·         Tor.com Excerpt, 4/14 [read it]
·         Boing Boing ‘Recommended If You Like’ Interview, 4/2 [listen]
·         Bleeding Cool Review, 4/1 [read it]
·         PW Torch Newsletter, Full Page Review, 3/25
·         An IGN Top Ten Most Anticipated Graphic Novel of 2014 [read it]
·         Paste #1 Most Anticipated Graphic Novel of the Year, 1/21 [read it]
·         Boing Boing Review, 1/21 [read it]
·         USA Today Pop Candy ‘Looking Forward to 2013’ Piece, 1/7 [read it]
·         CBR Interview, 12/5 [read it]
·         COVER REVEAL on Grantland, the sports/pop culture website

« “An achievement that merits a wider readership than just wrestling fans, deserving recognition for the quality of its graphic art.”—Kirkus, STARRED REVIEW

"It's clearly evident from every frame of The Princess Bride that Andre was  not only one of the world's gentlest human beings, but also the kindest―a  giant of a man in every way. I am thrilled to see his story finally told!"—Mandy Patinkin

“In a profession filled with larger-than-life characters none of them loomed larger than Andre the Giant. This book will thrill longtime fans and introduce a new generation to the man, the myth, and the legend known as the Eighth Wonder of the World.”—Mick Foley, three time WWE Champion, NY Times Best-Selling Author

"Box Brown's melancholy tale of the sad, angry life of Andre the Giant is his best work yet. A poignant portrait of a troubled, complicated legend, wonderfully paced and beautifully rendered by one of the most stylish and distinctive comix creators working today. An impressive book by a major talent." —Derf Backderf, My Friend Dahmer

“Andre's story moves from the ring to the comic page with delightful ease… Funny, delicate, and full of life and great cartooning… Box Brown gives  Andre the humanity and grace the Giant deserves."—Tom Hart,  Hutch Owen

"Box Brown tackles a very special man's life through the best possible lens: deeply empathetic but unsentimental, expertly paced, emotionally naked  without being overwrought, illuminating flaws and subtleties as we journey  into the Giant's world." —Nate Powell, March

"The spare line work and elegant storytelling carry the weight of a tragic  story that both transcends and elevates the world of professional wrestling  while painting a complex portrait of its biggest icon."—Matt Kindt, Mind MGMT

"Is wrestling real? As real as any story is, Box Brown's story  proves it while showing us how the real Andre the Giant made the  most of what he had, even if all he had was a 7'5" (and falling),  463 pound (and rising) body."—Jim Ottaviani,Feynman

"Box Brown tells Andre's story clearly and plainly: this book lets him be the human being he was. To paint a guy larger than life is  easy, but to paint a guy true to life takes something special, and that special quality runs through this book. Just fantastic."—John Darniel, The Mountain Goats

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