26 Nisan 2014 Cumartesi


Sherona Muir'ın Görünmez Beast'i for Yayıncı weekly'nin yorumu:

"Lines blur between the human and animal worlds in Muir's richly detailed debut novel, a blend of fantasy and field guide. Imbued with a rare power to detect animals otherwise invisible to humans, amateur naturalist Sophie takes the reader on a tour of nature as only she sees it. Arranged much like a bird-watching book, but with creatures even the sharpest of naturalists couldn't identify, Sophie's tale is imbued with minute details of each animal's origin and life habits along with keen insights on what the beasts have taught her about human nature. While the idea of fictional animals triggers automatic associations with the mythic or overtly fantastic, Muir (The Book of Telling) ground the novel in concrete details, making the reader question whether the reason that he or she hasn't yet seen, say, Truth Bats, is due not to the creatures' imaginary status but to the looker's own deficiency of sight. Some of the animals depicted, and their interactions with the human world, are humorous (particularly the Wild Rubber Jack, which, as Sophie states, is "an invisible American ass") while others, like the Feral Parfumier Bee and Sophie's existential dilemma whether or not to reveal its existence to her biologist sister, are more somber. In Sophie's struggles to find her footing in a world only she and precious few family members can see, Muir expertly pinpoints the frailty of the human condition as our own struggle to see the world and our place in it. (July)"

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