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Bir başka MCPG Tanıtım Güncellemesine Hoşgeldiniz!
Itty Bitty Kitty Komitesi'nin yardımı ile çalışma haftanızı tamamlamanızı öneririz.Bu tatlı pofuduklarımız harika bir kitap fragmanında!
Ava Dellaira’nın Love Letters to the Dead 1 Nisan'da yayınlanışından beri,   Entertainment Weekly, USA Today, MTV, ve Vanity Fair gibi önemli medya organlarının ilgisini almaya devam ediyor.Kitap ayırca iBooks Best Book of the Month seçildi.
 Speak 15 inci yayın yıldönümü ve Macmillan bir kez daha RAINN ile  Bağış Kampanyası ortaklığına girmiştir. Bu yılki kampanya 2 Nisan'da başlatıldı  ve  8310 $'a yükseldi. Sizler için geçen yıl yaptığım tanıtımdan Rainn'den kısaca söz etmek isterim. 

Rainn Amerikanın en büyük cinsel şiddete karşı durma örgütüdür. Laurie Halse Anderson cinsel şiddete maruz kalan her kurbanın sesini yükseltmek gibi ileriye dönük hedeflerini uygulamakta kararlıdır.
Cinsel Saldırıyı Bilinçlendirme ve farkındalığı arttırmak için RAINN (Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network- Tecavüz, Suistimal ve Ensest Ulusal Ağı)


·         THE LAST DAYS OF JESUS by Bill O’Reilly / New York Times Bestsellers List, Middle Grade, April 20, 2014: #4
·         THE LAST DAYS OF JESUS by Bill O’Reilly / USA Today Best-Selling Books List, April 6, 2014: #42


·         MORTAL FIRE by Elizabeth Knox / Los Angeles Times Book Prize Nominee, Young Adult Literature Award

·         ORANI by Claire A. Nivola / Korean rights relicensed to Chosun Books

STAR CHILD by Claire A. Nivola
Publishers Weekly, April 4, 2014 issue: STARRED REVIEW!
« “The gouache-and-watercolor paintings that accompany their words are as exquisite as Persian miniatures.”

DARE THE WIND by Tracey Fern, illus. by Emily Arnold McCully
Great Kids Books, March 30, 2014: Author Interview (READ IT HERE!)
“I'm always on the lookout for strong female characters, and so I knew instantly that I wanted to write about Eleanor. Eleanor's story also combined adventure and science, two elements that I'm also often drawn toward.”

BuzzFeed, March 20, 2014: “15 YA Novels to Watch Out for This Spring” (READ IT HERE!)
“Dellaira is an Iowa Writer’s
Workshop graduate. Her main character, Laurel, is a grieving lost soul who finds solace in writing letters to Kurt Cobain, Amy Winehouse, and other dead artists and dreamers.”

Vanity Fair, March 26, 2014: “10 More Novels That Could Fuel the Teen-Movie Comeback” (READ IT HERE!)
“Though the project is a quirky conceit that leads to an interesting exploration of death and grief, it all becomes very personal in the end.”

MTV.comMarch 27, 2014: Review & Excerpt (READ IT HERE!)
“It's no surprise that Emma Watson, one of the most discerning members of the celeb literati, loves this book: a beautiful exploration of grief, love, friendship and healing through the lens of one girl's heartfelt letters to people like Kurt Cobain, Amy Winehouse, Heath Ledger and River Phoenix, it's one story that we all plan to spend this cold, rainy spring sobbing over.”

Entertainment Weekly, April 1, 2014: Author Interview (READ IT HERE!)
“I’ve always been fascinated by pop culture and the way that it can provide a sense of belonging or means of understanding oneself, especially for people who have faced trauma or who feel isolated in some way. So, I think this book was a natural extension of that interest.”

USA Today, April 1, 2014: Author Interview (READ IT HERE!)
“She feels like [Kurt Cobain, Amy Winehouse, and Janis Joplin] are singing to her, but at the same time they bring up her connections to her sister, to her friends, and to the larger world of which she is a part.”

Bookish, April 1, 2014: “Ava Dellaira on the Best Advice Stephen Chbosky Ever Gave Her” (READ IT HERE!)
“In some ways, this book came more naturally than any writing had before, but it was also the most difficult thing that I’d ever written, because, like you said, a lot of Laurel’s experiences are painful, and they were hard to write about and feel through…I would dream that someday Love Letters could become a book that might mean something to someone who needed a story like Laurel’s.”

SPEAK by Laurie Halse Anderson
Entertainment Weekly, April 2, 2014: “Speak Turns 15: Author Laurie Halse Anderson on the Book’s Life and Legacy” (READ IT HERE!)
“The book’s unflinching look at sexual assault and its aftermath—not to mention its sharp prose, keen observations of teenage life, and welcome bursts of dark humor—have won it and Anderson legions of fans, as well as a number of prestigious awards.”


·         BOXERS & SAINTS by Gene Luen Yang / Los Angeles Times Book Prize Nominee, Young Adult Literature Award

Comics Alliance, March 24, 2014: Trailer Reveal
“Inspired in part by the practice’s black market-fueled continuation into modern times, the graphic novel plays out a lot like a Disney feature might if you replaced the musical numbers with attempted murder, the talking animal sidekicks with ethically-inept businessmen, and the whimsy with expertly rendered watercolor washed landscapes
Watch the trailer here!


SHACKLETON: Antarctic Odyssey by Nick Bertozzi
Kirkus, May 1, 2014 issue: STARRED REVIEW!
« “Keeping readers oriented with maps and dates that heighten the drama (if it were possible), Bertozzi introduces Ernest Shackleton’s Antarctic career with glimpses of early ventures.”

THIS ONE SUMMER by Jillian and Mariko Tamaki
Kirkus, May 1, 2014 issue: 3rd STARRED REVIEW!
« “Keenly observed and gorgeously illustrated—a triumph.”

Book Riot, April 1, 2014: “The Best Books We Read in March” (READ IT HERE!)
“This beautiful coming of age story introduces readers to two youthful, precarious young teenagers who have spent their summers together every single year at the same beach. A little place called Awago Beach that, over the course of the graphic novel, begins to feel like a place you’ve been going to all your life.”

Bleeding Cool, March 31, 2014: READ IT HERE!
“While I was in complete awe of this man, this giant, whom I grew up watching on my television and saw do amazing things, and in person his size was amazing, but he carried sadness with him. The book shows the pleasure Andre took in being a star, but also because of his size he could never get away with just being himself or even being by himself.”

Newsarama, March 31, 2014: Best Shots Comic Reviews (READ IT HERE!)
“Novgorodoff's work with the brush is arguably the strongest, most compelling element to this whole book that will haunt readers well after they reach the story's conclusion.”

USA Today Pop Candy, March 25, 2014: Event Feature (READ IT HERE!)
“Impossible to put down, yet the panels are so striking you also want to take your time with each page.”

Tor.comMarch 19, 2014: “A Nice (Dead) Girl is Hard to Find” (READ IT HERE!)
“A brutal, weird, and absolutely fascinating graphic novel that is nearly impossible to put down.”

The Examiner, March 25, 2014: “Lily Chen Proves an Enjoyable Undertaking” (READ IT HERE!)
“A tale that combines the coming-of-age and road genres with a twist of darkness and desperation.”

Comic Book Resources, March 12, 2014: Author Interview (READ IT HERE!)
“A lot of what I experienced during that first trip seeped into the book. That's the extraordinary thing about traveling and having wild adventures for their own sake—younever know what ideas and new projects will transpire.”

THE WRENCHIES by Farel Dalrymple
Mike Mignola, Hellboy
AMAZING. Beautiful drawing and painting, great characters—it's pretty much everything I could want a graphic novel to be."

Craig Thompson
“Incredible. A deeply personal epic…a book that calls for rereadings."

Michael Allred, Madmen
“I've been a very enthusiastic admirer of Farel Dalrymple from the first moment I was introduced to his wonderful work.  Now here comes his most epic work with The Wrenchies!  This book is a stunning and original piece of work.  The characters are richly authentic and their world is simultaneously exciting and horrific, filled with hauntingly beautiful detail.  The Wrenchies is a masterpiece that will knock your socks off!"

JH Williams III, Sandman, Batwoman, Promethea
"Tremendously masterful, as to be expected of Farel Dalrymple. A work of art with fevered imagination and lush nightmares that should haunt every reader."

Nick Bertozzi, Shackleton
“In Farel Dalrymple's The Wrenchies, the most beautifully strange voice in comics sings its greatest song."


These adorable kitties will help you take a peek inside the book!

FROODLE by Antoinette Portis
Publishers Weekly, April 4, 2014
“Goofiness prevails.”



·         THE LAST DAYS OF JESUS by Bill O’Reilly / New York Times Bestsellers List, Middle Grade, April 20, 2014: #4
·         THE LAST DAYS OF JESUS by Bill O’Reilly / USA Today Best-Selling Books List, April 6, 2014: #42

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, April 4, 2014
The segment begins at 18:40

·         BO AT BALLARD CREEK by Kirkpatrick Hill, illus. by LeUyen Pham/ A CBC 2014 Best Book of the Year for Children and Young Adults

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