9 Kasım 2013 Cumartesi

Sizlere genç yetişkinlere yönelik roman tarzında yazılan 
WHAT THE BUTTERFLY KNOWS'un Amerika'daki yayın haklarının Scholastic'e verildiğini duyurmaktan memnunum. Eser 2015 yılında çıkacak. Ms'si Ocak 2014'de hazır olacak.

Annesinden bağımsız bir hayat için özgürlük mücadelesi veren bir genç kadın hakkındaki, Büyülü gerçekliğin güçlü unsurlarıyla, yazılmış  güçlü bir genç yetişkin romanı--  Francesca Lia Block'un GLIMPSE'de düşünün.

We are pleased to announce that

Tricia Stirling

has sold to Scholastic!

What the Butterfly Knows

Agent: Molly Ker Hawn
Scholastic, Spring 2015. World English.
Manuscript available January 2014.

Lacy's life with her mother Cheyenne was dark and unstable until the day Cheyenne disappeared without a trace. Now, after three years with her father and stepmother, Lacy's no longer an angry, self-destructive loner -- and then Cheyenne comes back.

Forced to leave the home she loves, sixteen-year-old Lacy knows that living with her mother could revive the hard, unhappy girl she used to be. What she doesn't know is that her mother will do anything she can to keep control of Lacy's heart and soul. Between her erratic behavior and her boasts of dabbling in black magic, Cheyenne can't be the mother Lacy needs -- but Lacy feels increasingly powerless to withstand her influence. Just what kind of hold does Cheyenne have on her? And can Lacy break that hold before her life spirals out of control?

WHAT THE BUTTERFLY KNOWS is a powerful young adult novel of a young woman's struggle for independence from her mother, with strong elements of magical realism -- think Francesca Lia Block meets GLIMPSE.

Tricia Stirling’s Bio:
Tricia Stirling earned her M.A. in creative writing and has been published in Literary Mama, The Angler, and Syntax. She lives in Sacramento, California, with her husband and their three children, and blogs at http://triciastirling.blogspot.com. WHAT THE BUTTERFLY KNOWS is Tricia's first novel.

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