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Álvaro Enrigue: "Muerte subita"

Frances Goldin Literary Agency'Nin listelerindeki yeni yazarı Álvaro Enrigue,"Muerte subita" adlı eseriyle  İspanya'nın  en prestijli roman ödüllerinden biri olan Herralde Roman Ödülünü  kazandı 

Publication History:

Muerte súbita (forthcoming 2013): Anagrama (Spain).
Decencia (2011): Anagrama (Spain).
Vidas perpendiculars (2008): Anagrama (Spain), Gallimard (France), Turkey
Hipotermia (2006): Anagrama (Spain), Dalkey Archive, (USA), Gallimard
(France), FRA (Czech).
El cementerio de sillas (2002), Lengua de Trapo (Spain).
Virtudes capitales (1998), Joaquín Mortiz (Mexico).
La muerte de un instalador (1996, 2007, 2010), Joaquín Mortiz (Mexico).

The Author:

Álvaro Enrigue (México, 1969) won the Joaquín Mortiz First Novel Award in
1996 with La muerte de uninstalador. In this series he has also published
Hipotermia (2005): “Stories that constitute a reflection on literature. Not
only does it weave, section by section, a kind of novel, but each story has
its own meaning. Some of them of great skill and fascinating originality. A
real surprise” (J. A.Masoliver Ródenas, La Vanguardia); “Hipotermia isn't
one of those faux short story collections that pretend to be novels, but
neither is it a conventional novel: it is an amphibious book, neither
Mexican nor Gringo, neither novel nor book of short stories. Enrigue
transcends nationality and describes a nation of citizens” (Guadalupe
Nettel, Lateral), Vidasperpendiculares(2008): “An excellent novel... The
narrative strategy of this highly intelligent work culminates in some pages
of astonishing power” (Carlos Fuentes). His most recent works are Decencia
(2011): “He actualizes Mexican novels from the Revolution and gives them an
ambition that is not without irony and discontent” (Patricio Pron, El
País).”A writing that brings to mind Jorge Luis Borges, Roberto Bolaño -
above all the dissatisfied and bitter Bolaño of El gaucho insufrible -
Malcolm Lowry and Carlos Fuentes, even though Enrigue's region is not
transparent at all” (Mónica Maristain, Página/12) and the essay Valiente
clase media. Dinero, letras y cursilería.

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