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Nicole Knepper’s MOMS WHO DRINK & SWEAR!

Nicole Knepper’in MOMS WHO DRINK & SWEAR!'ine övgü. Eserin (Türkçe tanıtımı için Tıklayın;)

“In Moms Who Drink and Swear: True Tales of Loving My Kids While Losing My Mind, Nicole Knepper chronicles the lunacy that comes with being a parent. In a voice full of acerbic wit and humor, the book serves as an unforgettable diary of raising children. Wine, ice cream, and girls’ night outs are the coping mechanisms that make her, and undoubtedly many other moms, feel less “stabby” towards their children.

In between the funny anecdotes of life with her children are sweet and surprising stories about her relationships with her parents, grandmother and her husband. It’s through those moments that Knepper, a licensed clinical professional counselor, discovers that even the most perfect, put-together moms need to sneak an extra old fashioned after a particularly stressful day, or enjoy a wine and sorbet slushy while hiding out in the laundry room from her kids. And on occasion, Knepper, like all parents, snaps under the pressure of keeping everyone happy, fed and loved. Overall, Moms Who Drink and Swear is a celebration of family, motherhood and trying to keep it all together in one symbiotic existence.” –Celebrity Parents Magazine

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 Moms Who Drink And Swear:
  True Tales of Loving My Kids While Losing My Mind

  NAL, April 2013. World English.

  Manuscript available.

If you feel like your kids are killing you, you’ve come to the right place.

Attention all potty-mouthed, cheap-wine drinking mothers: prepare to meet your match. Any bad thought you’ve had about your kids, Nicole Knepper has had worse. Much worse. It’s not that she doesn’t love her kids. It’s that she understands what a mind-f*?% it can be to try to civilize those wild little beasts.

Based on her hugely popular Facebook page, Moms Who Drink and Swear, this book reveals why family dinners are like herpes, how to avoid smashing toys that are being fought over, and the joy Nicole felt on the day her son informed her that he’d murdered his imaginary friend. As she rants and raves about caring for children without crushing their souls, family togetherness (without too many tears), the saving grace of girlfriends (and vodka), and love and marriage—and all the baggage that goes with it, Nicole also throws in some hilarious lists, tips, and advice—with real-world wisdom sprinkled in.

“As a mom who despises 'mommy blogs,' discovering Nicole Knepper's writing was almost as sweet as

the first time my son let me use the bathroom without him. With her biting sense of humor,

Nicole has struck a chord not just with parents, but with anyone interested in answering life's biggest question,

'What the f*?%?' She's all at once insightful, touching, and hilarious.”

—Natalie Slater, author of Bake and Destroy: Good Recipes for Bad People

“I had this idea in my head about what mommy and daddy bloggers were all about—posts about how wonderful raising children and life with little ones and how every day of parenting was a magical gift, like a glitter-filled fart from a baby unicorn. I wanted nothing to do with those lies. Then I found Nikki and the Moms Who Drink and Swear blog. She is honest about raising kids, being an adult child now in charge of children, and everything that comes with the parenting gig. Nikki is the parent, and writer, I want to be. Plus she smells nice. Not as nice as glittery unicorn farts, but nice.”—Chris Illuminati, author of A**holeology: The Cheat Sheet

“Nicole Knepper has that rare combination of laugh-out-loud humor and genuine intelligence that makes her writing a go-to for parents who need to feel like someone 'gets them.' She invites everyone into the crazy club of parenthood, promising to reassure stressed-out parents that their fears are normal, while allowing them to laugh at their secret thoughts. It is hard to be sensitive and hilarious at the same time, but Nicole truly is both.”—Carrie Goldman, author of Bullied: What Every Parent, Teacher and Kid Needs to Know About Ending the Cycle of Fear

“If Facebook existed when Erma Bombeck was alive and writing bestsellers, she would be Nikki Knepper.

Maybe with less drinking and fewer f-bombs.” —Bill Adee, VP Digital Media Chicago Tribune Media Group

“Nikki has a way of connecting and resonating with moms that is almost magical and

pretty much guarantees a bestselling book.”—Jill Smokler, author of Scary Mommy

Nicole Knepper’s Bio:

Nicole Knepper is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor in the fields of substance abuse, trauma, dual diagnosis and autism spectrum disorders and the mom to two special needs kids.    She started MWDAS, Moms Who Drink And Swear, in 2008 for a group of her close friends and was amazed to see it grow to 40,000 members in the first year.  It now has over 200,000 fans.  In addition to running the page, she blogs for the Chicago Tribune and works to spread awareness about special needs.

“Nikki Knepper is one of a kind. She's a smart, compassionate, gritty, insightful, potty-mouthed, hilarious,

fearless, silly, and generous spirit very bit deserving of the enormous online platform she’s grown.

I’m a proud fan of Moms Who Drink and Swear, and I can’t wait to read what’s next!”.”

—Julie Haas Brophy, author of Sh*t My Kids Ruined

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