6 Şubat 2013 Çarşamba

L'Archipel yayınevi bülten

Yayınevinin bu ay gerçekleştirdiği uluslarası satışlarDAUGHTERS AND FATHERS (TELLE FILLE, QUEL PERE) and SUCH A MAN, WHAT MOTHER (TEL FILS QUELLE MERE) by Jean-Claude Liaudet in Turkey


Yayınevinin yeni kitapları:CHINA: THE NEW RED BILLIONAIRES (CHINE : LES NOUVEAUX MILLIARDAIRES ROUGES) by Laure de Charette et Marion ZipfelTwo French journalists who live in China recount how a few Chinese have become very rich in less than a generation. We discover how these new billionaires, enriched thanks to their work but sometimes thanks to corruption, spend their fortune and how they live in a country in which a big part of the population is very poor. 
Document – 312 pages
AN UNCLE CALLED HERGE (UN ONCLE NOMME HERGE) by Georges Rémi JrGeorges Rémi Jr, Hergé’s nephew, tells about his memories as a relative of the creator of Tintin with sadness and rebellion.
Testimony – 368 pages
CELINE AT SIGMARINGEN (CELINE A SIGMARINGEN) by Christine SautermeisterThe small town of Sigmaringen (Germany) was a refuge for the remains of the Vichy government and more than a thousand collaborators from September 1944 to the end of April 1945. Louis-Ferdinand Céline was one of them. Twelve years later, he will describe his stay in Castle to Castle. Christine Sautermeister defines what are the truths and inventions of Céline in this novel. 
Essay – 374 pages
HANNIBAL, THE MAN WHO MADE ROME SHOOK (HANNIBAL, L’HOMME QUI FIT TREMBLER ROME) by Luc MarySmart strategist but unskilled politician, Hannibal (247-182 BC) defeated the legion but didn’t manage to put on end to the Roman Republic. From his rise to his fall, Luc Mary recounts Hannibal’s adventures through his allies’ point of view.
History – 336 pages
DESPERATELY LOOKING FOR A CAT (CHERCHE CHAT DESESPEREMENT) by Venus Khoury-GhataAn old woman who lives in a building in a residential area sees her request to be buried in her own yard beside her cats refused by Paris’ council. Her female cat starts writing to defend the request of her mistress...
Novel – 152 pages
THE VIRTUES OF TEA (THES ET TISANES) by Pierre RipertThat guide gathers recipes and pieces of advice to remain healthy and get rid of the most usual health problems with tea and herb tea. 
Guide – 240 pages
THE LIFE IMPERATIVE (L’IMPERATIF DU VIVANT) by Thierry GaudinThis book deals with a renewal of our Life’s conception. The main ideology suggesting that the struggle for life is the evolution driving force justifies ultra liberalism. However, the history of living beings gives us to consider a progression toward cooperation, as a consequence this observation disapproves the official view of a relentless competition. Unlike the industrial imperative that used to be the endless productive rationality, the life imperative is based on respect, self-restriction, support of any kind of life and consciousness elevation.
Essay – 320 pages