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THE BEAR IN THE BOOK by Kate Banks, illustrated by Georg Hallensleben

THE BEAR IN THE BOOK by Kate Banks, illustrated by Georg Hallensleben

Farrar Straus and Giroux Books for Young Readers
Ekim 2012; 10 x 10, 40 sayfa, Yaş Grubu 3 - 6

·         Publishers Weekly's  Best Books of 2012 list(2012'nin en iyi kitapları listesi)
·         School Library Journal Best Books of the Year(Yılın En İyi Kitapları Listesi)

THE BEAR IN THE BOOK-The New York Times Book Review çıkan eserle ilgili yorumu:

"‘The Bear in the Book,’" da okuyucular iki ustanın elinde;- iyi seçilmiş sözcükleri ve anlatımıyla Kate Banks'in ve dolgun, renklere doymuş resimleriyle Hallensleben'in"

Wall Street Journal 'ın 15 Aralık 2012 tarihli sayısında "Yılın En İyi" çocuk kitabı olarak belirtildi.

Kitaba yapılan övgüler(İngilizcesinden çevrilmemiştir)
« “"With its quiet, gentle tone, this is perfect for one-on-one bedtime reading as well as for introducing hibernation, sleep cycles, and seasonal change, but the engaging, double-spread pictures will please crowds, too."--Booklist, starred review
«"As with previous bedtime books by these fine collaborators, short simple sentences create a tranquil, soothing air, while the lush textured oil paintings fill the pages with dense color. But the most valuable thing about this gem might be that it demonstrates a best practice, to the benefit of children and parents alike."--School Library Journal, starred review
« "This is, quite literally, what reading with a child is all about."--Publishers Weeklystarred review

«"A tribute to the power of books to connect and the love that parents everywhere show when they share books with children at the end of the day, this picture book is simply spectacular."--Kirkus, starred review

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