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Scarlett Cole

We’re delighted to announce that
Scarlett Cole’s

Books 1 & 2 in the Second Circle Tattoo series

have sold in Italy
to Fabbri,
at auction,

thanks to the great work of
Daniela Micura Literary Services

The Strongest Steel

Agent: Beth Phelan
St. Martin’s Press, July 2015. World English.
France: Lattés/&moi. Germany: Ullstein. Italy: Fabbri. Poland: Muza.
Finished books available.

Sexy and emotionally-captivating, THE STRONGEST STEEL and the rest of the Second Circle Tattoos novels will attract fans of Jaci Burton and Laura Kaye.

“This book gave me so many feels! Angst, passion, and love all set in Miami, my favorite city. I can’t wait for more from this author and I can’t recommend this book enough!” Sidney Halston, USA Today-bestselling author of Against the Cage

“You’ll tense, sigh, cringe, and cry. THE STRONGEST STEEL isn’t a book you want to miss!” —Jen McLaughlin, New York Times-bestselling author

"The characters in this story are real winners… Best of all, the sexy times—when they arrive—are very sexy indeed.” —Heroes and Heartbreakers, 5 star review

“Cole delivers a thrilling tale of new beginnings…. The chemistry the pair share is as electric as the villain is creepy. This fast-paced read will leave you eager for the rest of the series.” —RT Book Reviews

“Cole has a winner in this debut novel and series opener. Harper and Trent are engaging characters, as are their group of friends. Steamy romance, body art, and a little intrigue keep readers up well past their bedtime.” —Library Journal

Description: Macintosh HD:Users:victoria:Documents:Website:Book Covers:Cole:Fractured Heart (1).jpgThe Fractured Heart

Agent: Beth Phelan
St. Martin’s Press, January 2016. World English.
Germany: Ullstein. France: Lattés/&moi. Italy: Fabbri. Poland: Muza.
Finished books available.

Andrea “Drea" Caron and Brody “Cujo” James have to suffer each other’s company while planning their best friends’ wedding. But hatred explodes into passion after Drea witnesses a young woman’s abduction, and the truth will either set her free or cost her life. 

"Filled with mystery, suspense, love, and tragedy, this novel from Cole (The Strongest Steel) is hard to put down. Between the sexual tension and the eventual sexual explosions, the story has its fill of steamy scenes.” —Library Journal 

THE FRACTURED HEART guides us through two people with rough childhoods who appreciate love enough to grasp it…. Deep emotions and surviving a difficult past are a hallmark of the stories by Scarlett Cole.” —Romance Reviews Today

Scarlett Cole has planted herself on my list of favorite authors. Her books are so emotionally charged that they leave the reader feeling the effects long after reading…. Overall I loved this book.” —Avid Reader Amy’s Reviews

“…brilliant… The Fractured Heart just reaffirmed why I think Scarlett is one of the best new authors around!” —The Book Disciple 

Also in Scarlett Cole’s Second Circle Tattoo series:

The Purest Hook
Agent: Beth Phelan
St. Martin’s Press, May 2016. World English.
Germany: Ullstein. Poland: Muza.
Finished books available.

Can a love built on secrets survive?

Rugged, hot rocker Dred Zander is exactly the type of man that normally sends Pixie running. Not dreaming about running her hands down his washboard abs...and lower. The lead singer and guitarist for the band Preload embodies trouble behind his quick smile and guarded eyes, and Pixie left trouble behind her years ago along with the name Sarah Jane Travers and the pathetic trailer her mom called home. With her abusive past in her past, she has a new life, a new family at Second Circle, and a dream of opening her own business. She needs capital and time. What she doesn't need is a tempting long-haired rocker or the paparazzi that follow him around.

But Dred has other ideas. Pixie's sweet hazel eyes, purple hair and kaleidoscopic tattoo of exotic flowers that swirl up her arm haunt his dreams, and he knows she wants him too. He just has to convince her. But as a juicy exposé threatens to expose their pasts, and a blackmailer terrorizes their present, Pixie and Dred have to decide what really matters and fight like hell to keep it.

“Cole (The Fractured Heart) balances well multiple plot threads, including secondary action about a band member leaking stories to the media and a woman claiming Dred is her baby’s father. Yet, more important, the author delivers a rock star romance fantasy with hot love guaranteed to entertain.” —School Library Journal

“[Dred and Pixie] were scorching hot together and most definitely a swoon worthy couple. I absolutely LOVED their story and can’t wait to read more in the series.” — She Hearts Books 

“This book is absolutely riveting…. It is definitely one of those plots that you want to fall into, that you flip pages as fast as you can to find out what happens next. All the while, you’ll be rooting for these characters. If you get a chance to pick this one up, I can’t encourage you enough to do it. If you’re not hooked from the very first sentence, I would be amazed.” — Wild Heart Reviews 

“[Scarlett Cole] creates such unique characters who have such different tales but I’ve loved them all. Getting to dive into Pixie and Dred’s story was both highly entertaining and sweetly optimistic…. Great sexy read about two troubled souls finding a home and a future in one another.”  It’s About the Book 

Description: Macintosh HD:Users:John:Desktop:TheDarkestLink cover.jpg
The Darkest Link
Agent: Beth Phelan
St. Martin’s Press, August 2016. World English.
Finished books available.

A Heroes & Heartbreakers New Adult Romance Best Bet for September 2016 

Tattoo artist Lia Carlisle doesn’t let a bruised heart dampen her 1950s flirty style and attitude. And she doesn’t expect to fall for the hot mechanic who stops to help when her car breaks down on the side of the highway. Reid Kennedy never escaped the guilt of introducing his sister Harper to the man who later attacked her, and gives in to one night that turns into much more. Lia’s political family and Reid’s reunion with Harper lift secrets to the surface and a world of betrayal and lies threatens to pull them all under.

“Overall, a high stakes story in a colorful world with a totally retro heroine. It does get dark—of the violent, family relations variety—but for those who love the sexy, dark read, I recommend The Darkest Link.” — Harlequin Junkie

“I ADORE this series.” — The Book Disciple

“In the past year Scarlett Cole has become one of my very favorite writers. This series and characters have stolen my heart and I [am] both elated and sad to see it come to an end yet I am excited for things to come…. Scarlett Cole’s writing is clean and her story is fantastic. While the series ending brings me a bit of heartache, knowing her writing plans for the future has me anticipating many more a days where she steals my heart and attention.” — Red Cheeks Reads, 5 SMOOCHES

“This novel epitomizes the “can’t put it down” stereotype. The plot was solid, exciting, and suspenseful. The cast was larger than life yet oh so real. The chemistry sizzled and the plot twists kept coming…. This is quite possibly my favourite novel in this series…. absolutely unforgettable.”  Pure Jonel, Confessions of a Bibliophile (5 STARS)

Also by Scarlett Cole:

Description: Macintosh HD:Users:John:Desktop:Jordan Reclaimed cover.jpgJORDAN RECLAIMED (Preload Series Book 1) 
Agent: Beth Phelan
St. Martin’s Press, February 2017.  World English.
Finished books available.

Jordan Steele is the bass guitarist in Preload, the metal band he formed with his “brothers" from the crowded group home of their childhood. No one but his found family really knows the man under the fame and fortune, or the scars he hides behind his rockstar lifestyle. Until he sees her through the windows of the National Ballet, dancing, and suddenly the world doesn’t seem so dark.

Aleksandra Artemov ticks all the ballet boxes. Father a legendary Kirov dancer. Check. Prepping since birth for classical ballet. Check. Compulsive control over the food she eats. Check. Principal dancer at The National Ballet of Canada. Check. But what she craves is freedom.

She craves Jordan.

Everything about him should terrify her. His size, his tattoos, his edge. But he doesn’t. He stirs her very soul. Jordan has nothing but himself to offer her, and he's never been good enough for anyone. Can he figure out how to face his own demons before he loses his light for good?

Scarlett Cole’s bio:
Scarlett Cole is a full-time writer and former Senior Vice President of Strategy and Marketing at a thirty billion dollar retail company in Canada. 

Scarlett Cole: Strongest Steal

". Scarlett Cole , çekici, unutulmaz karakterleri ile güçlü bir hikaye yazmış. Yazım dili mükemmel, ve ben kesinlikle bu serinin bir sonraki kitabını nefesini tutmuş, bekliyorum ondan daha fazla kitap okumak isterimm.". - The Romance Reviews, TOP PICK, 5 star review

"The Strongest Steel  sizi ilk kelimesinden sonuna kadar esir yapacak  kitaplardan biridir. Yazar Scarlett Cole inanılmaz bir hikaye kaleme almış.... Circle Tattoos dizisinin ikinci romanını elime almak için sabırsızlanıyorum . "- Fresh Fiction

"Bu kitaba, bayılacaksınız !! ...  Seksi, eğlenceli, enfes,  sinir bozucu olmayan, aşk romanı arayan herkese, koruyucu,  dokunaklı ve dövmeli Alfa erkeğinin cömert bir yardımı ile birlikte heyecan ve gerilim karışımı"- Aestas Book Blog, 4 star review

"Bu kitap ile doğru yapılması gereken o kadar çok şey var ki. Pek çok. Bu kesinlikle benim radarımda kalacak bir dizi. "- Mignon Mykel Reviews, 5 star review

"Bu roman gerilimli ve güçlü,. Cole daha fazla okumak için sabırsızlandığımı bir dizi başlattı. "-Pure Jonel, Confessions of a Bibliophile, 5 star review

". Hikaye, karakterler, yazım dili, tüm bunlar birleşerek, ciddi harika bir aşk romanını oluşturuyor, sert çekirdekli bir sonraki kitabı istemek yapacak romantizm okuma onu sevdi, ciddi bir yapmak için!" - Okie Düşler Kitabı Yorumları, 5 yıldızlı yorumu

"Ben Bu gerçekten iyi yazılmış bir hikaye oldu ... Ben bu bir ikramiye söylemek için çok mutluyum." - Düz Shootin 'Kitap Yorumları

Okumak ". The Strongest Steel çok hareketli ve güçlü bir hikayeydi. Karakterlere bağlandım ve hikayesini sevdim ... Scarlett Cole, benim okunması gereken bir yazar listemden çıkmayacağını kanıtlamıştır" Smut Book Junkie Book Reviews

"Bu kitap çok çok iyiydi.... bu hikaye hakkında her şeyi sevdim." -Smitten with Reading

"The Strongest Steel   içinde kaybolabileceğiniz bir kitap, Komik endişeli ve sevebileceğiniz karakterler.." - Red Cheeks Reads, 5 star review

 Scarlett Cole Uluslarası Satışları:
Almanya: Ullstein
Fransa: lattes / & moi


Ajan: Beth Phelan
St Martin Press, Temmuz 2015 Dünya İngilizce.
Almanya:. Ullstein Fransa: lattes / & moi.
Bitmiş kitaplar mevcuttur.

Seksi, duygusal ve büyüleyici, THE STRONGEST STEEL  ve Second Circle Tatoos dizisinin diğer romanları Jaci Burton ve Laura Kaye hayranlarını çekecek.
Elinde bazı deliller bulunan bir kadın, eski erkek arkadaşı tarafından terk edilirken, üzerinde bıraktığı korkunç izleri silecek Miami'li bir  dövme sanatçısı bulur. Ona saldıran kişi tekrar dönüp

 yeni bir hayatına, yeni aşkına ve yeni keşfedilen gücünü tehdit etmeye başladığı zaman, artık  bir tavır almak zorundadır. Duygusal, romantizm, gerilim ve vücut sanatı ile beğeni toplayan bir dizi.

“This book gave me so many feels! Angst, passion, and love all set in Miami, my favorite city. I can’t wait for more from this author and I can’t recommend this book enough!” —Sidney Halston, USA Today bestselling author of Against the Cage

“Incredible story of emotional growth and discovery for a young woman who was forced to flee her real life to stay alive…Ms. Cole has mastered suspense and complicated characters…Well done!”
Violetta Rand, author of multiple romance series

“You’ll tense, sigh, cringe, and cry. THE STRONGEST STEEL isn’t a book you want to miss!” —New York Times bestselling author Jen McLaughlin

“Poignant and intriguing. Scarlett Cole wrote a wonderful story full of emotion, mystery and second chances. Make room for this on your keeper shelf.” —Award-winning author of contemporary romance and romantic suspense Sarah Grimm


Ajan: Beth Phelan
St Martin Press, Yaz 2016 Dünya İngilizce.
Almanya:. Ullstein Fransa: lattes / & moi.
Elyazması mevcuttur.

Andrea "Drea" Caron ve Brody "Cujo" James en iyi arkadaşlarının 'düğününü planlarken birbirlerine katlanmak zorunda kalırlar. Ama
 Drea'nın genç bir kadının kaçırılmasına  tanıklık etmesiyle aralarındaki nefret tutkuya dönüşür,- hakikat ya onu serbest bırakacak ya da hayatına mal olacak 

Scarlett Cole'un biyo:
Scarlett Cole, Kanada'da otuz milyar dolarlık bir Parekende Şirketinde Strateji ve Pazarlama eski Kıdemli Başkan Yardımcısı ve  tam zamanlı bir yazar

Robin Stevens

Robin Stevens'ın Well & Wong Mystery dizisi eleştirmenlerden övgü almaya doymuyor. Epey ödül de aldı. Sizlerle kirkus Review'dan dizinin 3. kitabına gelen övgüyü paylaşmaktan memnunum. Bu diziyi aslında size uzun zamandır tanıtıyorum. Hiç ilgi almadım. 

Nedenini merak ediyorum. Bu güzel orta okul grubu çocuklara yönelik polisiye dizimizle ilgilenen yayıncılarımızı bekliyorum. 

Kirkus Reviews has given
Robin Stevens’
Book 3 in the Wells & Wong Mystery series,
a *starred* review

Crime-solving friends Hazel Wong and Daisy Wells encounter yet another murder victim while traveling from Paris to Istanbul on the famed Orient Express in 1935. A jewel theft, a spy hunt, forged documents, a magician, a séance, and a locked-room murder—what more could the Detective Society (rising 14-year-old schoolmates Hazel and Daisy) hope for on a summer holiday? …Stevens' clever story has been constructed as a tribute to Agatha Christie's Murder on the Orient Express, published in 1934, just one year before Daisy and Hazel's ride on that same train, and uses many similar elements. There's solid suspense, humor, and food for thought: Hazel's Hong Kong origins allow her to notice examples of racism, anti-Semitism, and class snobbery that white, upper-class Daisy doesn't see. Just as Daisy predicts, "the Detective Society's most exciting adventure yet!

Description: Macintosh HD:Users:victoria:Desktop:first class murder.jpgFirst Class Murder: A Murder Most Unladylike Book 3

Agent: Gemma Cooper
Category: Middle-grade
Penguin Random House Children’s UK, August 2015. UK and Commonwealth.
Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers, Spring 2017. North American.
Germany: Knesebeck Verlag. Italy: Mondadori. Vietnam: Huy Hoang.
Finished books available.
Daisy Wells and Hazel Wong are taking a holiday through Europe on the world-famous Orient Express. From the moment the girls step aboard, it’s clear that each of their fellow first-class passengers has something to hide. Even more intriguing: rumor has it that there is a spy in their midst.
Then, during dinner, there is a bloodcurdling scream from inside one of the cabins. When the door is broken down, a passenger is found murdered, her stunning ruby necklace gone. But the killer is nowhere to be seen—almost as if they had vanished into thin air.
Daisy and Hazel are faced with their first ever locked-room mystery—and with competition from several other sleuths, who are just as determined to crack the case as they are.
Robin Steven's addictive Wells & Wong detective series ... a rumbustious reworking of Agatha Christie's Orient Express caper."—The New Statesman
This is book three and it's a delight. Hazel and Daisy are aboard the Orient Express: cue spies, priceless jewels, a murder and seriously upgraded bunbreaks. The tone may be light, but Stevens isn't afraid to go deeper: there's once again racism towards Hong Kong-born Hazel and her father, and we very much sense the dark shadow of Hitler looming over Europe.” —Fiona Noble, the Bookseller

Also in the Wells & Wong Mystery series:

Description: Macintosh HD:Users:victoria:Desktop:MMU PAPERB B.JPGMurder Most Unladylike

Agent: Gemma Cooper
Category: Middle-grade
Penguin Random House Children’s UK, June 2014. UK and Commonwealth.
Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers, Spring 2015. North American. Published as MURDER IS BAD MANNERS.
Czech Republic: Albatros Media. France: Flammarion Jeunesse. Germany: Knesebeck VerlagItaly: Mondadori. Japan: Hara Shobo. Poland: Grupa MAC S.A. Russia: AST. Taiwan: Eastern. Vietnam: Huy Hoang.
Finished books available.

Waterstones Children’s Book Prize Winner for Best Young Fiction
Nominated for the Carnegie Medal
Best Primary Novel in the Oxfordshire Book Awards Winner
Times UK Children’s Book of the Week
One of The Metro’s 2014 Summer Picks
Featured in the Booktrust Best Book Guide
Longlisted for the 2015 Redbridge Children’s Book Award
Spring 2015 American Bookseller's Association's Indies Introduce Pick

Deepdean School for Girls, 1934. When Daisy Wells and Hazel Wong set up their very own deadly secret detective agency, they struggle to find any truly exciting mysteries to investigate. (Unless you count the case of Lavinia’s missing tie. Which they don’t, really.)

But then Hazel discovers the Science Mistress, Miss Bell, lying dead in the Gym. She thinks it must all have been a terrible accident—but when she and Daisy return five minutes later, the body has disappeared. Now the girls know a murder must have taken place…and there’s more than one person at Deepdean with a motive.

Now Hazel and Daisy not only have a murder to solve: they have to prove a murder happened in the first place. Determined to get to the bottom of the crime before the killer strikes again (and before the police can get there first, naturally), Hazel and Daisy must hunt for evidence, spy on their suspects and use all the cunning, scheming and intuition they can muster. But will they succeed? And can their friendship stand the test?
There are clues, red herrings and suspenseful chases galore, as well as heaps of boarding school trivia that amuse and delight.” Kirkus Reviews, starred review
"A sharp-witted debut for Stevens, one that will leave readers eagerly awaiting subsequent installments.” —Publishers Weekly, starred review

”Reading MURDER IS BAD MANNERS is like drinking cocoa by a fireside: it is warm and witty and deeply satisfying.” —Katherine Rundell, award-winning author of Rooftoppers

“Friendship, boarding school and a murder worthy of Agatha Christie,” —The Bookseller

" An addictive debut, full of wit, panache and iced-bun breaks."—Metro

Description: Macintosh HD:Users:victoria:Desktop:AFT PAPERB B .jpgArsenic for Tea: A Murder Most Unladylike Book 2

Agent: Gemma Cooper
Category: Middle-grade
Penguin Random House Children’s UK, January 2015. UK and Commonwealth.
Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers, Spring 2016. North American. Published as POISON IS NOT POLITE.
Czech Republic: Albatros Media. France: Flammarion Jeunesse. Germany: Knesebeck VerlagItaly: Mondadori. Japan: Hara Shobo. Poland: Grupa MAC S.A. Russia: AST. Taiwan: Eastern. Vietnam: Huy Hoang.
Finished books available.

#19 UK Official Bestseller
Waterstones Children’s Book of the Month
An American Library Association Notable Book for 2016    
Nominated for the Carnegie Medal

Schoolgirl detectives Daisy Wells and Hazel Wong are at Daisy’s home, Fallingford, for the holidays. Daisy’s glamorous mother is throwing a tea party for Daisy’s birthday, and the whole family is invited, from eccentric Aunt Saskia to dashing Uncle Felix. But it soon becomes clear that this party isn’t really about Daisy at all. Naturally, Daisy is furious.

Then one of their party falls seriously, mysteriously ill—and everything points to poison.

With wild storms preventing anyone from leaving, or the police from arriving, Fallingford suddenly feels like a very dangerous place to be. Not a single person present is what they seem—and everyone has a secret or two. And when someone very close to Daisy looks suspicious, the Detective Society must do everything they can to reveal the truth…no matter the consequences.

“A first-rate whodunit, reminiscent of a game of Clue and terrific preparation for the works of Agatha Christie.” —Kirkus Reviews, starred review

“Stevens perfects her take on the British murder mystery in the second book in the Wells & Wong series. Though Stevens handles the mystery element to perfection (the house diagrams are a nice touch, too), what really shines is the depiction of her characters, especially bossy, egocentric Daisy, and loyal, smart Hazel, always aware that she is “other.” A smashing good time.” —Booklist, starred review

“It's just a few steps from the cozy-dangerous boarding school of Harry Potter to the cozy-dangerous drawing rooms of classic British murder mysteries, via the witty, thoughtfully plotted middle-grade Wells & Wong novels. Robin Stevens's series, originally published in England, follows the two brightest students of Deepdean, an isolated 1930s girls' school. The first two books, MURDER MOST UNLADLYLIKE and ARSENIC FOR TEA, have been released in the United States by Simon & Schuster and the U.S. versions retain their agreeable British flavor. Though solving the crime is always the bottom line, Stevens's books satisfyingly explore the forging of a friendship between two girls, and quietly make the point that adulthood involves facing uncomfortable facts. Even if you're an adult fan of classic mysteries, these lightly gruesome tales are highly enjoyable reading.” —Shelf Awareness

Jolly Foul Play: A Murder Most Unladylike Book 4

Agent: Gemma Cooper
Category: Middle-grade
Penguin Random House Children’s UK, May 2016. UK and Commonwealth.
Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers, 2018. North American.
Germany: Knesebeck Verlag. Italy: Mondadori. Vietnam: Huy Hoang.
Finished books available.

Nominated for the 2017 Carnegie Medal
It’s a new year at Deepdean and the school has a whole new group of mistresses and a new Head Girl and Prefects. But these Big Girls are certainly not good eggs—they rule the school by bullying all of the younger girls, and each other.
Tensions are running high, and after the fireworks display at Deepdean’s Bonfire Night Celebrations, Head Girl Elizabeth Hurst is found dead. She’s been hit on the head by a heavy object. But who could have done it? And what does the murder have to do with the secrets that are suddenly being discovered on pieces of paper all round the school? One thing’s for sure…sparks will fly.
Robin Stevens has cleverly created a crossbreed of the detective and boarding school genres…the meat of the novel is a Holmesian unpicking of evidence, there is enough emotional garnish to create slavish devotion among nine to 12-year-old girls.” —Daily Telegraph UK
Another cracking mystery.” Sunday Express
“With enough twists and turns to satisfy young readers, it’s an exciting story.” —The Sun

“Agatha Christie may be the Queen of Crime, but Stevens is fast becoming the Queen of Junior Crime. Long may she reign!” Young Post

Description: Macintosh HD:Users:John:Desktop:Unknown.jpegMistletoe and Murder: A Murder Most Unladylike Book 5

Agent: Gemma Cooper
Category: Middle-grade
Penguin Random House Children’s UK, October 2016. UK and Commonwealth.
Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers, 2018. North American.
Finished books available.

Bookseller bestseller
Shortlisted for the 2017 UK Children’s Book Award
#48 on the Telegraph's Book of the Year List
The Metro Best New Kids’ Books Pick
Financial Times Best Book of 2016

Daisy Wells and Hazel Wong are spending the Christmas hols in snowy Cambridge. Hazel has high hopes of its beautiful spires, cosy libraries and inviting tea-rooms — but there is danger lurking in the dark stairwells of ancient Maudlin College.
Three nights before Christmas, there is a terrible accident. At least, it appears to be an accident — until the Detective Society look a little closer, and realise a murder has taken place. Faced with several irritating grown-ups and fierce competition from a rival agency, they must use all their cunning and courage to find the killer (in time for Christmas Day, of course).
Deftly touching on contemporary prejudice, Stevens sets her readers a superb puzzle in this splendidly seasonal detective story. The Metro

 “Enjoyable golden age mystery with a modern twist.” Financial Times

“Stevens’ inspired device is to allow Hong Kong-born Wong to narrate the stories, giving an outsider’s perspective on eccentric British behavior, pre-war snobbishness, racism and the restricted role of women while maintaining a high level of genuine tension and humor. Simply spiffing.
Daily Mail

Description: Macintosh HD:Users:John:Desktop:Cream Buns and Crime Cover.png
Cream Buns and Crime: A Companion to the Wells & Wong Mystery series
Agent: Gemma Cooper
Category: Middle-grade
Penguin Random House Children’s UK, March 2017. 
Manuscript available.

Daisy and Hazel invite you to discover their untold stories . . .

Daisy Wells and Hazel Wong are famous for the murder cases they have solved - but there are many other mysteries in the pages of Hazel's casebook, from the macabre Case of the Deepdean Vampire, to the baffling Case of the Blue Violet, and their very first case of all: the Case of Lavinia's Missing Tie.

Packed with brilliant mini-mysteries, including two brand-new and never seen before stories, and peppered with Daisy and Hazel's own tips, tricks and facts, this is the perfect book for budding detectives and fans of the award-winning, bestselling Murder Most Unladylike series.

Robin Stevens’ Bio:
Robin Stevens was born in California but grew up in an Oxford college, across the road from the house where Alice in Wonderland lived. She has been making up stories all her life. She studied crime fiction at University, and previously worked as an assistant editor in children’s publishing, but now writes full time. She blogs at http://robin-stevens.co.uk/blog/