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Susan Crawford: POCKET WIFE

Susan Crawford
March Library Reads List!
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Susan Crawford’s THE POCKET WIFE has been chosen for the
March Library Reads List!

“Dana is a ‘pocket wife’ because her lawyer husband barely gives her the time of day. One afternoon, she drunkenly argues with her neighbor Celia, takes a nap, then wakes to find Celia dead. Could she have murdered Celia? Dana, suffering from manic episodes, tries to solve her friend’s murder before she loses all self-control. Highly recommended for fans of Gone Girl.”Library Reads

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Foreign Publishers of Susan Crawford include:
Germany: Heyne
Spain: Roca Editorial
Poland: Znak
United Kingdom: Faber & Faber
France: Éditions Harlequin

Description: Pocket Wife2The Pocket Wife

Agent: Jenny Bent
William Morrow, March 2015. North American.
Germany: Heyne. Spain: Roca Editorial. Poland: Znak. United Kingdom: Faber & Faber. France: Éditions Harlequin.
Manuscript available.
Dana Catrell is shocked when her next-door neighbor Celia is brutally murdered and dismayed to realize that she was the last person to see Celia alive. To make matters worse, she is in the grips of a rapidly descending mania brought on by her bipolar disorder and she doesn't remember exactly what happened that afternoon.  As the evidence starts to slowly point in her direction, Dana struggles to clear her name before her madness takes over.  Or does the fact that she's a killer lurk in the deepest recesses of her memory?  For the more she starts to piece things together, the more she starts to fall apart.
“The Pocket Wife is an exceptional literary thriller debut that sensitively portrays a woman struggling with Bipolar Disorder, and the horrific possibility that she’s a murderer. Engrossing, thrilling, and page turning all the way through, this is one you won’t want to miss!”Chevy Stevens, NYT bestselling author of Still Missing 
"Not a word is wasted in Susan Crawford's fast-paced, thrilling debut – The Pocket Wife.  As Crawford explores the boundaries of memory and sanity, the suspense steadily gathers, and in her skilled hands, readers will be left guessing until the very end."Lori Roy, Edgar award-winning author of Bent Road
“Gripping and lyrical. The Pocket Wife is a book you won't want to put down.” —Deborah Crombie, NYT bestselling author of the Duncan Kincaid/Gemma James novels
“Because the tale is told primarily from Dana’s sharp but manic perspective, suspense develops around her possibly unreliable interpretation of events. This is a gripping, character-driven mystery that would pair well with Sophie Hannah’s The Truth-Teller’s Lie.” —Booklist
"The captivating narration reflects Celia’s progressively elated and fractured thoughts as she moves from energetic clarity to sleeplessness and self-destructive chaos… In the final confrontation… the resolution is surprising, neat, and satisfying...Descriptive, lyrical prose creates an intimate and visceral read that is both a solid mystery and a fast-paced psychological thriller."—Library Journal 

More about Susan Crawford:
Susan Crawford is a four-time winner of the Atlanta Writers Club award for short fiction and poetry, and has had work published in THE SUN and SPECTRUM.  She teaches creative writing at The Lou Walker Center in Atlanta and ESL at Georgia Piedmont College.  This is her first novel.

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