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Heidi Schulz: HOOK’S REVENGE

Heidi Schulz’
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Heidi Schulz’
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Hook’s Revenge

Agent: Brooks Sherman
Genre: Middle-grade
Disney Hyperion, September 2014. World English.
United Kingdom: Chicken House.
Books available.

Dear Female Offspring,
Since you are now reading this epistle, the thing I fear has most assuredly happened. I am dead.
A cold-blooded nightmare stalks my every waking minute. I am haunted by rows of razor-sharp teeth and the ticking of a fiendish timepiece.
You are my only heir. As such, you must avenge my death. I lay this charge upon you: Come to the Neverland. Hunt the beast and destroy it in my name.
I have no doubt you will fail, for you are practically an infant, and a girl besides. However, as my only progeny, you must try. With my blood in your veins, you may yet overcome these weaknesses and bring me victory.
Floreat Etona!

You’ve just been privileged to read a letter from Captain Hook—yes, that Captain Hook—to his thirteen-year-old daughter, Jocelyn. The girl accepts his charge, of course, but being a pirate is far more difficult than she’d ever imagined. As if attempting to defeat the Neverland’s fearsome crocodile isn’t enough to deal with, she must try to captain a crew of woefully untrained pirates, outwit cannibals wild for English cuisine, and rescue her best friend from a certain pack of lost children (not to mention that irritating Peter Pan who keeps barging in uninvited).

As the world’s foremost expert on Captain Hook, I am more than familiar with Jocelyn’s story. I don’t care for children, in general, but if you’ll back up a bit and try not to breathe on me, I might be persuaded to tell you the whole tale.

Hook’s Revenge is a tale of adventure and wonder, told by a narrator in the vein of Lemony Snicketif Lemony Snicket were an irascible retired pirate who hated children.

“Schulz’s debut novel is a rollicking page-turner that’s more than just an action-packed adventure. Filled with humor and pathos, Schulz has crafted a warm and humorous tale of a young girl who yearns to know the parents she’s never met…Whether a fan of J.M. Barrie’s classic tale or new to Neverland, readers will be clamoring for more from this enchanting world.”School Library Journal, starred review

Hook’s Revenge: The Pirate Code
Agent: Brooks Sherman
Genre: Middle-grade
Disney Hyperion, September 2015. World English.
Manuscript available Winter 2015.

Jocelyn Hook, fresh from her victory over the Neverland crocodile, thinks she has the whole how-to-be-a-pirate thing all figured out. But things are never quite that easy, are they?

When the map to her father’s treasure hoard refuses to give up its secrets, one member of her crew begins sowing seeds of discord and threatening to mutiny.
Peter Pan’s new mother complicates Jocelyn’s life even further. Jocelyn knows that children come to the Neverland from many different time periods, but she never expected to find on the island a teenaged Evelina Hopewell—the girl who will one day grow up to become Jocelyn’s own mother. That is, if Jocelyn can convince her to go back home and finish growing up.
Add to those problems a deadly and ruthless pirate captain, cursed with an insatiable lust for gold, who will do anything to procure Jocelyn’s map and take Hook’s treasure for his own. If Jocelyn is to survive this adventure, she’ll have to rely on more than her wits and intuition. This time, she might have to learn to rely on her friends.

Heidi Schulz’s Bio:
Heidi Schulz is a writer, reader, and giraffe suspicioner. She lives in Salem, Oregon with her husband, co-captaining a crew made of their teen daughter, a terrible little dog, and five irascible chickens. This is her debut novel. Visit her website at HeidiSchulzBooks.com or follow her on Twitter @HeidiSchulz. 

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