29 Eylül 2014 Pazartesi

HArold Ober Literary Agency 2014 Rights guide'in dan başlıklar

Sizlerle HArold Ober 2014 Frankfurt Listesinden başlıkları sunmaktan memnunum. Dileyen yayıncılarımız bana mail atıp tam listeyi okuyabilirler.

Stephen Dobyns: Is Fat Bob Dead Yet? page 7
Joseph Heywood: Mountains of the Misbegotten (series) page 8
Laura Kalpakian: Three Strange Angels page 2
Mary Helen Lagasse: Navel of the Moon page 3
Dewey Lambdin: Kings and Emperors (series) page 9
Laurie McBain: various romance reissues page 10
James Purdy: Malcolm page 4
James Purdy: Eustace Chisholm and the Works page 5
William Sloane: The Rim of Morning: Two Tales of Horror page 6
notable backlist
Zelda Fitzgerald: Save Me The Waltz page 11
Erich Gimpel: Agent 146 page 11
Joseph Heywood: The Berkut page 11
Langston Hughes: The Collected Short Stories page 12
J.D. Landis: Longing page 12
Ira Levin: Rosemary’s Baby page 11
Ross Macdonald: Lew Archer mysteries (series) page 12
William March: The Bad Seed page 12
Glenway Wescott: The Pilgrim Hawk page 12
John Brooks: Business Adventures page 13
John Brooks: Once in Golconda & The Go-Go Years page 14
Agnes de Mille: Dance to the Piper page 15
John Gierach: All Fishermen Are Liars page 16
Juvenile / Young Adult
Tamora Pierce: The Gift of Power page 17
Marjorie Weinman Sharmat: Nate the Great, Where Are You? page 18
Robert Kimmel Smith: The War with Grandpa page 19Harold Ober Associates I

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