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Folio Literary Management'dan Haberler

Booklist’s 2013 Editors’ Choice Picks for Youth listesine Folio Literary Management'dan iki çocuk kitabının girdiğini müjdelerim: Adele Griffin’in LOUD AWAKE AND LOST, ve Chris Moriarty’nin THE WATCHER IN THE SHADOWS ( THE INQUISITOR’S APPRENTICE'ın devamı)

Adele Griffin
Young Adult/Contemporary
Random House/Knopf BFYR, November 2013.  North American.                        Books available.

* A Booklist Books for Youth Editors' Choice title for 2013.

LOUD. There was an accident. Ember knows at least that much. She was driving. The car was totaled. She suffered back injuries and brain trauma. But she is alive. That's the only thing left she can cling to.

AWAKE. Eight months later, Ember feels broken. The pieces of her former self no longer fit together. She can't even remember the six weeks of her life leading up to the accident. Where was she going? Who was she with? And what happened during those six weeks that her friends and family won't talk about?

LOST. One by one, Ember discovers the answers to these questions, like a twisted game of dominos. And little by little, the person she used to be slips further and further away.

“[A] moving and surprising story . . . Griffin’s writing is exquisite.”—Booklist, Starred review

“The startling conclusion itself is worth the ride, and chances are that readers’ “aha” moment won’t come any sooner than Ember’s.”—Kirkus

“[A] mesmerizing romance . . . sorting hallucinations from reality is an intriguing and chilling mental exercise.”—Publishers Weekly

“[A] a compelling page-turner with a gut-wrenching plot twist.  . . . Fans of Griffin will be eagerly awaiting this title, and this latest standalone is sure to gain her many new ones.”—VOYA

“Griffin has crafted a story with well-developed characters and a suspenseful plot that keeps readers turning pages.”—School Library Journal

“The lure of secret romance and just plain secret secrets will draw readers to this inventive take on changing teen identity.”—The Bulletin of the Center for Children’s Books

Random House/Knopf BFYR, 2012.  North American.                                         Books available.

Alex has it all—brains, beauty, popularity, and a dangerously hot boyfriend. Her little sister Thea wants it all. Even if it means spinning the truth. Even if it means uncovering a shocking secret her older sister never wanted to share. Even if it means crying wolf. Told in the alternating voices of Alex and Thea, Adele Griffin's mesmerizing novel is the story of a sibling rivalry on speed.

“A sumptuously written examination of sibling rivalry and socioeconomic class.”
Kirkus, Starred review

“The book is so raw that at times it’s difficult to read—yet it’s impossible to put down.”
—Booklist, Starred review

Random House/Knopf BFYR, 2011.  North American.                                         Books available.

When 17-year-old Jamie arrives on the idyllic New England island of Little Bly to work as a summer au pair, she is stunned to learn of the horror that precedes her. Seeking the truth surrounding a young couple's tragic deaths, Jamie discovers that she herself looks shockingly like the dead girl—and that she has a disturbing ability to sense the two ghosts. Why is Jamie's connection to the couple so intense? What really happened last summer at Little Bly? As the secrets of the house wrap tighter and tighter around her, Jamie must navigate the increasingly blurred divide between the worlds of the living and the dead. 

Griffin interweaves subtle commentary about social class, drug abuse and mental illness into this marvelous homage while winding the suspense knob all the way to 11...A contemporary reboot that does the original proud.”—Kirkus, Starred review

“Full of mystery, spectral encounters, and disorienting lapses in time, this is a ghost story that melds seamlessly with one of a mental breakdown...An engaging thriller with wide appeal.”
School Library Journal

Sure to please fans of gothic romance, Griffin's tale adds new psychological dimensions to James's classic novella [The Turn of the Screw]...Eerily intriguing from first page to last.”—Publishers Weekly

“[Will] gratify those seeking a full-on contemporary gothic (or a dynamite curricular pairing with The Turn of the Screw, to which the title may possibly be a reference), and the rest will simply enjoy a summer of adventure, gentle romance, and near-lethal disturbance."
Bulletin of the Center for Children’s Books

Adele Griffin is the acclaimed author of many books for young readers, including SONS OF LIBERTY and WHERE I WANT TO BE, both National Book Award finalists. She is also the author of ALL YOU NEVER WANTED, TIGHTER, PICTURE THE DEAD, THE JULIAN GAME, and the Witch Twins and Vampire Island middle-grade series. Adele lives with her husband and children in Brooklyn, New York.


Chris Moriarty
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2011.  North American.                                            Books available.
German: Dressler Verlag. Polish: Fabryka Slow.

* A Kirkus Best Book of 2011.
* A Kirkus Top 25 Pick at BEA 2011 and a Publishers Weekly Best Book Pick at BEA 2011.

“Moriarty’s thoroughly imagined alternate history has a killer premise… a world this well thought out richly deserves the sequel that’s no doubt coming.”—Booklist

“It’s a fascinating example of alternate history.”—Publishers Weekly, Starred review

“A marvelous, mystical romp that doesn’t ignore reality.”—Kirkus, Starred review

“Fantastic...a great magic trick.”—Cory Doctorow, author of Little Brother

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, May 2013.  North American                                    Books available.
German: Dressler Verlag.

* A Booklist Books for Youth Editors' Choice title for 2013.

At the turn of the twentieth century, New York’s Bowery District becomes the scene of a terrible murder when the Klezmer King gets fried to a crisp by his Electric Tuxedo—on stage! The Inquisitor’s apprentice, thirteen-year-old Sacha Kessler, tries to help find the killer, but the closer he gets to solving the crime, the more it sounds as if the creature that haunted him in his first adventure is back. Worse still, his own family is in danger. Sacha has avoided learning magic until now, but as his world falls apart around him, he changes his mind.

Houghton Mifflin, TK.  North American.                                                                  Manuscript TK.
German: Dressler Verlag.

Chris Moriarty is also the author of the adult sci-fi/fantasy thrillers SPIN STATE and SPIN CONTROL (Bantam Spectra, 2003 and 2006). Chris’s website is www.inquisitorsapprentice.com.

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