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Michelle Richmond: Golden State

Michelle Richmond'un 2014 Ocak ayında Bantam books'tan çıkacak GOLDEN STATE'ine Library Journal'dan gelen peşin yorumu aşağıda sunmaktan memnunum. İlgilendiğiniz takdirde bana yazınız.

Library Journal
Remembering a quote from Richmond's protagonist is probably the best way to approach her intricate, unusual story. Julie Merrill must focus and "recalibrate her world." And so must the reader of this amazing, turbulent novel woven of disparate threads. The narrative unfolds with Julie, a doctor at the VA hospital in San Francisco. Her marriage has recently dissolved; her erratic younger sister appears, demanding Julie deliver the sister's baby; and a hostage situation develops, involving those close to Julie. While these issues form a rich domestic drama, there is an additional wrinkle: Californians are voting on this particular day to determine whether the state will secede from the United States. Because of the demonstrations and chaos in the streets, Julie must navigate with difficulty her way to the hospital. As she attempts her journey, she recalls her earlier life during which she managed to escape the narrow confines of her youth in rural Mississippi. VERDICT Nearly every feature of this mesmerizing novel is provocative, as Richmond explores the fragmented, hopeful lives of complex characters. This is gripping, multilayered must-read fiction from the best-selling author of The Year of Fog (which was an LJ Best Book of 2007).—Andrea Tarr, Corona P.L., CA

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