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Austen Ivereigh: Papa Francis

Henry Holt yayınevinden Steve Rubin, ünlü Katolik yorumcusu ve İngiliz Gazeteci  Austen Ivereigh'in kaleme aldığı ve önümüzdeki yıl tamamlanacak bir Papa Francis biyografisinin dünya haklarını satın aldı

Henry Holt yayınevinin başkanı ve yayıncısı Stephen Rubin gelecek yıl  bir Papa Francis  biyografisi yayınlayacaklarını duyurdu( 9 Ekim 2013'te). Katolik yorumcusu ünlü İngiliz gazeteci  Austen Ivereigh,  tarafından henüz yazım aşamasında olan  papayla ilgili biyografik bu kitap, diğerleri ötesinde, Katolik Kiliselerinde papanın  "reset tuşuna" nasıl bastığı    ve dünyadaki milyonlarca Katolikle ilişkileri konusunda ilk kez tam ölçekli bir biyografi olacak . Kıdemli editör Serena Jones bu kitabın editörü olacak.Eserin İtalyanca yayın hakları satıldı. 

NEW YORK, Oct. 9, 2013 – Henry Holt will publish a biography of Pope Francis next year, it was announced today by Stephen Rubin, Holt’s president and publisher. The untitled book by British journalist Austen Ivereigh, a co-founder and director of the international media project Catholic Voices, will be the first full-scale biography detailing how this pope, beyond all others, has hit the “reset button” on the Catholic Church and its engagement with the world and its billion followers. Senior editor Serena Jones will edit the book.

“This groundbreaking biography of Pope Francis will be an authoritative guide to an apparently unscripted papacy and answer the essential question for the world: Who is he?” Rubin said. “Austen Ivereigh is the best-suited journalist to tell the story of the Pope’s path from the streets of Buenos Aires to the Vatican, and his well-laid plan to change and update the church,”

Based on extensive interviews in Argentina and years of study of the Catholic Church, the biography will tell the story of Jorge Mario Bergoglio, a remarkable man whose background and total commitment to the discernment of God’s will transformed him into Pope Francis, the most revolutionary pope of the modern era. Ivereigh will investigate Francis’s youth growing up in Buenos Aires and the dramatic events during the Perón era that shaped his beliefs; his ongoing conflicts and disillusionment with the ensuing doctrines of an authoritarian and militaristic government in the 70s; how his Jesuit training in Argentina and Chile gave him a unique understanding and prophetic advocacy for a “Church of the Poor”; and his rise from Cardinal to the papacy. Ivereigh believes these fundamental elements created a far more innovative and prophetic leader than the world has yet to recognize.

With the Francis Revolution just beginning, this biography will shed new light on how one man’s ambitious program will use the power of his position to challenge and change one of the world’s most formidable religions, forever.

Rubin acquired world rights from agent Bill Barry on an exclusive submission.

About Austen Ivereigh
Austen Ivereigh (pron. “ivory”) is the co-founder and director of the international media project Catholic Voices. He is a British writer, journalist and commentator on religious and political affairs who regularly appears on TV and radio. He holds a PhD from Oxford University, an MA in canon law and undergraduate degrees from London University in Spanish and Latin-American studies. For three years, 1995 to 1998, he taught Latin-American history and politics at the University of Leeds before spending time as a novice in the Society of Jesus (the Jesuits). He was the deputy editor of the progressive international Catholic weekly, The Tablet, from 2000 to 2004. He worked as the public affairs director for the then Archbishop of Westminster, Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O’Connor between 2004 and 2006. He is the author of several books including, “How to Defend the Faith Without Raising Your Voice” (2012); “Faithful Citizens” (2010); and “Unfinished Journey” (2003). In 2010 he co-founded Catholic Voices, a project to train ordinary people to articulate in the media the case for the Church’s perspective on contentious issues. He writes the Comment blog for Catholic Voices and his work appears regularly in the Jesuit magazine “America” and in many other periodicals. He is well known on British media, especially on the BBC, Sky, ITV and Al-Jazeera as a Catholic commentator.

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