5 Nisan 2013 Cuma

L'archipel bülten

Our new books are:MOORS’ HEADS (TÊTES DE MAURE) by Didier DaeninckxMelvin Dahmani goes to Corsica to attend a young women’s funeral. There, he hears that Lysia Dalestra, a summer love he met 10 years ago, committed suicide. A few months before, her brother Orso, was ripped to shreds by the bomb with which he meant to destroy a villa built too close to the beaches. During the burial, a stranger who tries to speak to Melvin is shot. Each of the 15 days he spends in Corsica is marked by a sudden disappearance. 
Didier Daeninckx has written many thrillers, short stories and essays. He won the Prix Goncourt de la Nouvelle in 2012. Some of his previous books have been translated in Great Britain (Serpent tail's), USA (Melville International crime), Spain (Akal), Germany (Liebeskind, Distel Literatur Verlag), Italy (Donzelli), Netherlands (De Geus).
Thriller – 220 pages
THE SECRET OF OSIRIS (LE SECRET D’OSIRIS) by Nabil MallatIn Egypt, on the Giza Plateau, a French archaeologist finds out a funerary room devoted to Osiris. It contains a sarcophagus in which is found a papyrus scroll, The Primordial Lesson, the first Egyptian text transcribed by Imhotep. It recounts the odyssey of Osiris in the Sahara when this desert was still fertile. This discovery excites envy…
Novel – 288 pages
MID-LIFE CRISIS (DÉMONS DE MIDI) by Arièle ButauxThe three friends Arièle Butaux introduced in her previous novels Jerk! (Connard) and Tart! (Morue) are now about fifty and are reunited in Venice. They confide to each other the ups and downs of their love lives in the course of a series of short stories.
Novel – 240 pages
WHO SHOULD I THANK? (MERCI QUI ?) by François CérésaA 50 year-old former model, Lucky is the author of only one best seller. Yet, he slowly starts fancying himself a writer. To help him reach his goal, he hires a young man, Pierre-François Coblence, a university professor who is fascinated by the fashion business and urges him to write Les Misérables of the 20th century
Like the hero of Henry Miller’s A Devil in Paradise, Lucky will get bound to Coblence, so much so that this relationship will soon turn into an addiction. He will lose his wife, his job, his apartment, and almost… his identity. 
This book is a pamphlet denouncing the modern world, inhuman and indifferent, as much as it is a novel about a deception and a decline. 
Novel – 368 pages
THE DAWN OF CINDERS (L’AUBE DES CENDRES)  by Charlotte BousquetThe fourth and last volume of the series Dreams’ Skin (La Peau des rêves).Paranormal romance for young readers (from 13) – 256 pages
SAVOIR-VIVRE IN THE 21ST CENTURY (SAVOIR-VIVRE AU XXIE SIÈCLE) by Hermine de Clermont-TonnerreAttitudes are changing, habits evolve, but politeness remains. It is still about knowing the art to receive well, to use your visiting card with wisdom, to respect the customs of a foreign host… but it’s also about remembering to put your cell phone off in public places, to behave when you are invited to a protestant wedding or a Muslim baptism…
Guide – 352 pages
20 SUPER FRUITS FOR YOUR HEALTH (20 SUPER FRUITS POUR VOTRE BIEN-ÊTRE) by Nicolas OgerWith the development of natural health, biological food and fair trade, fruits coming from afar are launched on the market. You can eat them raw, cooked, dried, as juice or even as energy bars. You can also find them as packaged extracts (phials, capsules, juice, powder…). So they can be real food supplement. 
Some fruits are already well known (blackcurrant, cranberry, pomegranate...), some aren’t so much (Barbados cherry, chokeberry, mulberry…). This book introduces you to those 20 exceptional fruits, amazing source of vitamins, minerals and fibres, to help you remain healthy, prevent some of the most usual diseases and have some clues on how to use them properly.     
Guide – 240 pages
280 NATURAL PRODUCTS TO EXCEL YOURSELF (280 PRODUITS NATURELS POUR SE SURPASSER) by Ronald MaryWe all want to live at the best of our abilities, but pressure deprives us from a part if not all of our potential.
In this book, the author first introduces natural substances with stimulant quality on the body and/or intellect (plants, vitamins, minerals, food supplements, super food…). He then reviews the main compound products that you can find at your local pharmacy, the over-the-counter drugs and personal hygiene market or organic products shops, with their composition, the usual ways to use them and their privileged targets. 
Guide – 288 pages