17 Ocak 2013 Perşembe

LArchipel yayınevi Ocak 2013 yayınları

Archipel Yayinevinin Ocak 2013'de yayınladığı kitap listesidir. İlgilendiğiniz eserleri bana bildiriniz.

FIDEL CASTRO, A LIFE (FIDEL CASTRO, UNE VIE) by Jean-Pierre ClercFrom his childhood in a farm to his political retirement, Jean-Pierre Clerc closely describes the life of this revolutionary man who left his mark on our time. Clerc also redefines Cuba’s outline in 2013: a military dictatorship, still socialist, turning into a less registered economy, now… wait and see.
Biography – 550 pages
MUSLIM SHE-WOLF (LOUVE MUSULMANE) by Amale El AtrassiA Muslim woman relates so trustfully the compilation of bullies and horrors that she and her sister suffered from during their youth: rape, forced exile, physical violence, mental harassment, prison. A brave and poignant testimony.
Testimony – 216 pages
EMMA’S LOVERS (LES AMOURS D’EMMA) by Yveline GimbertAfter Emma’s funeral, Aurelie’s 96-year-old grandmother, Aurelie opens the diary she gave her a few days before she died. She finds out a part of her life she did not know, especially her love affairs.
Romance novel – 336 pages
ENCLOSED TOWN (VILLE CLOSE) by Franck MaubertA man takes shelter in Richelieu in the house of his deceased aunt who also used to be his lover when he was younger. Little by little he discovers the strange inhabitants of this old “new city” nowadays surrounded by high walls, looses himself in the mysterious atmosphere of the place and carries out an investigation, looking for the town’s soul and the reason of its spleen. 
Literary novel – 192 pages
3000 TIPS AND TRICKS (3000 TRUCS ET ASTUCES AU QUOTIDIEN) by Marie-Françoise LoockHygiene, cooking, health, housekeeping, car washing, gardening, DIY, sewing, decoration, savoir-vivre, hobbies… Marie-Françoise Loock has collected more than 3 000 tips and tricks, which are cheap, practical and easy to do yourself. 
Guide – 448 pages