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Jaci Moriarty: A CORNER OF WHITE

Degerli Yayincilarmiz; 

Sizlerle Jaci Moriarty'nin A CORNER OF WHITE adlı eserine 
çıkan ilk yorumunu paylaşmaktan memnunum.Bu yorum "Moriarty'nin olağanüstü özgün  kurgusu,ilgin., zekice ve keyifli" diye başlıyor, yorumun sonuna kadar bu kadar güzel tanımlarla devam ediyor.Bu yorumu okuduktan sonra bu kitabı gidip, bir kitapçıdan satın almayacak kimseyi düşünemiyoruz. Bu eserle ilgilenen yayıncılarımızın dikkatine;

Advanced Review – Uncorrected Proof

Issue: February 15, 2013
A Corner of White.
Moriarty, Jaclyn (Author)
Apr 2013. 384 p. Scholastic/Arthur A. Levine, hardcover, $17.99. (9780545397360). Scholastic/Arthur A.
Levine, e-book, $17.99. (9780545510219).
Australian writer Moriarty’s marvelously original fantasy is quirky, clever, and delightful, exploring links
between present-day Cambridge, England, and the Kingdom of Cello, where colors attack, seasons roam
unpredictably, and the Butterfly Child can save a community. Fourteen-year-old homeschooled Madeleine
lives with her mother in an attic flat in Cambridge, adjusting to near poverty after running away from a
fabulously wealthy jet-setting life with her emotionally distant father. Meanwhile, 15-year-old Elliot is
trying to find his father, whose suspicious disappearance has sparked rumors and more in their farming
community. Elliot and Madeleine meet when Elliot puts a letter into a crack in a concrete
sculpture—Madeleine sees the corner of white peeking out from the foot of a parking meter. Their
correspondence provides rich character development in a plot with a dizzying number of intriguing
developments. Moriarty captures the proud iconoclasm of many homeschoolers and does not shy away
from tenderness and poignancy as both Madeleine and Elliot confront difficult family truths. Expect
readers to flock to Moriarty’s name and stay for the whole (projected) Colors of Madeleine trilogy.
HIGH-DEMAND BACKSTORY: Moriarty (The Year of Secret Assignments, 2004) is hugely popular
and demand for her latest should be high.
— Debbie Carton


Jaci Moriarty'nin   CORNER OF WHITE adlı eserine bestseller yazar Deb
Harkness den gelen övgüyü paylaşmaktan memnunum. 

 she says it "blew ALICE IN WONDERLAND out of the park!" I'm sharing the letter and quote here:

Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to read Jaclyn Moriarty's new book, A CORNER OF WHITE. It was a gorgeous book, and all I could think of while reading it was that this blew ALICE IN WONDERLAND out of the park! I hope the following can be of some use to you. Please feel free to tweak and edit for space constraints as you see fit.

"A marvelous novel--in every sense of the word--with all the
qualities of a literary classic, Moriarty blends magic, science, and
a wry humor in her tale of two teens from different worlds. Just like
the letters exchanged between the main characters, A CORNER OF WHITE
slips through a  previously unnoticed crack in the reader's heart and changes
everything. Young adults and not-so-young adults who enjoy experiencing the
meeting of the everyday and the otherworldly will relish this unique, unusual