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THE WHITE FOX James Bartholomeusz

Sizlerle bir genç yetişkin yazarımızın yine genç yetişkinler için yazdığı romanından söz etmek istiyorum. Yazarımızın adı 
James Bartholomeusz . Kendisi Hertfordshire, İngiltere'de anne ve babası ve iki kardeşi ile yaşıyor. Halen Exeter Üniversitesi'nde İngiliz edebiyatı okuyor. Okuma ve yazma dışında  zamanını, karate, filmleri ve özellikle İngiliz komedileri izleyerek geçiriyor. Siyasetle ilgileniyor. The White Fox ilk romanı.

Romanın Konusu: 

Her şeye rağmen Jack Lawson’un tamamen normal bir İngiliz genci olduğu söyleniyordu.Birkaç arkadaşı vardı. Aşk hayatı hiç yoktu. Düzenli bir şekilde onun kanının peşinden giden öğretmenler onu hayata küstürmüş gibi görünüyordu.  Birchford evinde - asırlık eski hapishaneden -yetimhaneye,  dönüştürülen bu evde hayatı dayanılmaz derecede sıradan geçiyordu.
Sonra, Karanlığın hakkını yiyen bir çeşit büyü mezhebi olan   Dionysos kültü geldi.
Sonra eski bir arkadaşı Öldükten Sonra tekrar hayata döndü..
Ve sonra beyaz tilki.
Birdenbire hayatı artık o kadar sıradan geçmemeye başladı.

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    The White Fox
    James Bartholomeusz. Medallion/YA-YA, $9.95 trade paper (440p)
    ISBN 978-1-60542-462-0

    British university student Bartholomeusz capably executes a familiar premise in his strong debut, first in a planned trilogy and the launch title from Medallion’s YA-YA imprint, offering books for teens written by teens.

    Sixteen-year-old orphan Jack Lawson and his friend Lucy have only just noticed the ominous hooded figures and the incandescent white fox lurking about their humdrum town of Birchford, England, when they are attacked by the evil Cult of Dionysus, believed to be sorcerers seeking “nothing less than the domination of as many worlds as possible.” The pragmatically manipulative Apollonians rescue the teens and transport them through time and space to the planet Rauthr, where elves fight off demons risen from fiery depths, shards of fallen stars provide magical powers, a creeping “Darkness” threatens to consume the universe, and broad strokes of foreshadowing hint that all is not as it appears to be.

    Adeptly incorporating the tropes of epic fiction, Bartholomeusz assembles his likably prickly cast and prepares them for adventure amid echoes of Tolkien, Lewis, and Rick Riordan. Ages 12–up. (Dec.) Reviewed October 10, 2011.

    Medallion Press – About YA-YA:
    In December, Medallion Press will debut its new YA-YA imprint, which stands for “Young Adults writing for Young Adults.” This imprint will showcase aspiring authors between the ages of twelve and nineteen and will be comprised of a variety of fiction genres to be released in print and e-book formats. The launch title, The White Fox by James Bartholomeusz, is a fantasy with tinges of sci-fi and romance. “I think we’re prime for new voices in publishing, and we’re excited to give young writers a platform so they can reach readers and grow as writers,” says Editorial Director Emily Steele.

  3. Book Review – THE WHITE FOX
    By James Bartholomeusz
    YA-YA (Young Adults writing for Young Adults, Medallion Press)
    About the Book
    Teenager Jack Lawson lives an average and ordinary life in a typical southern English town, until the day a white fox introduces himself as Jack’s guardian spirit and gives to him a mysterious talisman. Jack’s life continues to spin out of control when his friend Alex, after warning that the town is in grave danger from demons controlled by the Cult of Dionysus, is kidnapped by the cult. Enlisting the help of his friend Lucy, Jack embarks on a journey unlike one he could have ever imagined—one filled with sublime mysteries and fantastical adventures.
    A story written by a teenager for a teenage audience, this work encourages readers to reconsider their assumptions about the fantasy genre while deciphering the book’s parallels with real-world mythology and philosophy.

    My Take on the Book
    This book was one that kept you on the edge of your seat and kept bringing you back for more. I have to say that I could not put it down. The story is well written and engaging and what I liked best was the attention to detail that the author used to develop his overall character base. While this book is considered fantasy it is written in such a way that lovers of any genre will truly love this! -- Dad Of Divashttp://dadofdivas-reviews.blogspot.com/2011/09/book-review-white-fox.html -- September 30, 2011


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